9 weeks ago today

Today is 9 weeks since the ladies have been flowering i have a couple that are pretty close and one definitely that needs at least another week or so hopefully it been fun can’t wait to see what I get out of them :blush: :grinning:

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Lovely plants but i think u have a week or two to go .check this out

White widow auto in week seven of flower she wont be ready until end of week 13 at least


Damn🤯 they look amazing so my question is wait closer to the 10 week mark …2 of my plants say that they are 8 to 10 week plants and they other is 10 to 12 weeks say no more if mine end up looking like yours im good with it

Man ur plants look good what are feeding urs cause im growing all organically i use all natural organic nutrients plus i have live worms in my pot ,i used to grow with bottle nutrients but i swapped to organics

This is my first grow ever and I am growing indoors it cold as hell in upstate ny to do it outside im using the recipe for success all in one grow kit and some stuff called fish shit :grinning: started with 6 one died a week after transplant and another im trying to nurse back to life but I think she too far cone she has bad root lock have no idea how it happened but I the bright side I still have 4 strong ladies that still going to pass the finish line the grow has been so much fun and pleasing

U want to make sure that ur pots arent sitting in water all the time cause u will get root rot u make sure they are sitting on a pot elevator or on two bricks so its not sitting in water ,look i think ur doin a great job with ur first grow most people dont even make it that far ,when u do chop ur plant give ur plant 2days of darkness before chopping and do a flush for a week or so another words just use water for a week or two before chopping ,and after u have chopped and u are goin to dry u want ur humidity at 62% and ur temp at 65-70f when drying and have a fan blowing air around but dont put that fan straight on to ur flowers they will dry out to quickly

I’m thinking :thinking: of the going to 24 of dark before harvesting

Yah i would put it in darkness for 48 hours