9 DAYS Total to get my girls

Cool, just holler if you have any questions and I’ll help as much as I can brother

Do have 1 ? Now if you could help how do u keep from drying out so fast. Like i said i only smoke 1 or 2 times aday depending. It drys out so fast in a baggie

Well, I usually medicate enough to where I don’t have to worry about drying out so much. When I have a surplus of it, I put it in a mason jar with a bodeva pack, 62% I believe, and keep it in a cool dark place. Light and humidity are your worst enemies. I check it every so often maybe once a week to make sure the pack is doin it’s job. I hope this helps, and if anyone can help, please.also correct me if I’m wrong.

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Definitely a Mason jar!

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@Hawkeye_diesel @bob31 @Majiktoker have a ?

Which light would you choose a viparspectre 450 watt
Or a

King plus 1000 watt

Sorry dont know how it posted before i finished im sure it was my fault . Thanks guys looking to cove rthe most area.

Honestly I don’t know much about LEDS, but my next light I’m goin with will be thsending one

Seen that one to may just choose that one as well
They seem to be the better quality from what i read .
But like i said i dont know anything about it just in a hurry to get syarted . Thanks

I would go with the King plus 1000 watt led

Thanks @Majiktoker

@Hunter00, my pleasure buddy

Hey guys hate to ask to many ?? But could @Hawkeye_diesel and @Majiktoker tell me why u choose that one

Im the guy that jumps in and buys something to soon

Due to advertised and true wattage the 660 will be around 330 true watts or close to it, and the 1000 watt advertised is likely gunna be around 660 Watts, therefore putting more sufficient light in the grow room, thats why I choose that one @Hunter00

I am choosing this one because I already have a 600w mh/hps and a 150w hps light and I was gonna add this one to add some extra light

Thanks guys

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Not a problem brother