8x8 Tent in a 10x11 room with one 1000w hps mh light

A question from a fellow grower:
I have two concerns:

  1. I am growing in a 8x8 tent in a 10x11 room with one 1000w hps mh light. I recently purchased a 4 ft can carbon filter and a High Output fan that pushes

766 CFM. I am planning on putting the filter and fan outside of the tent and pushing the air in to the tent through the aircooled light and then exhausting it out of the tent and into a duct that goes to my attic. I am doing this because I plan on using a CO injection inside the tent and do not want to suck it all out with the constant ventilation. Is this too much are transfer through the light? should I run a separated smaller fan ?

  1. I recently purchased NYC Diesel seeds and am planning on growing 4 to 6 plants in my space. Would it be okay to grow all from separate seeds, or is it a better idea to clone from one plant.

If you are new to growing, I would recommend planting 4, max, in a 4x4 section of that tent with the 1000w lamp, and working them seed to cure.

I don’t have an air cooled system, but someone will be along that will

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I’m quite new at this but I do know a little more than nothing :grinning:. Read through the guides on this site. There is a wealth of information in them. From my “studies” you are under ventilated and under “lighted” for that size space. The gurus here will help you out. I’ve learned a bunch by following and reading through other newbies journals. Welcome and enjoy!



You really don’t have the light density to justify supplementing co2. Seems like a lot of work with minimal gains without more light.


New to growing I’m using hps grow lights and my tent is getting way to hot what should i do to bring down temps i have ac infinity fan inside and it’s still getting too hot any suggestions

You’ll need forced intake system and exhaust your hps

Then run fresh air intake thru lower port.

These units run hot and need to be air cooled separately from your grow. Then you’ll need cool air to cool down the grow from the heat it creates.

The upfront cost of hps is less but what it takes to run them will pile up

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