87 percent THC, what, huh,

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So now that I’m a medical marijuana patient I have been looking at weed that they sell at dispensaries.
From reading what is told to me from the lab here, basically the highest THC is like 40percent.
So in these dispensaries they are claiming 50, 60, 70, 80, 82, 84, 87percent THC. They got some stuff that looks like bright yellow snot at 87percent.
When I bring this info the to lab associated with this forum I am told it’s impossible to have THC that high.
I then find myself reading articles about how the dispensaries are boosting their THC levels by misrepresenting the levels because the higher THC, the more they can charge.
These articles go on to further state that basically misrepresentation of THC levels is a common occurrence.
And yet when I email questions to the dispensaries I am always ignored, and nobody ever responds.
So our government is growing weed to sell to patients with jacked up THC numbers???
I figured the best seeds to get was some Godfather OG seeds. So I got some.
If dispensaries weed is 87percent THC that would have to be SOME INCREDIBLY WILD POTENT … Right?
So then I read info on equpment to check the THC levels.
So do you guys or anybody else check your THC levels, and if so what do y’all use?


It is physically impossible for cannabis flower to produce over something like 37%. The numbers you’re talking about are moat likely concentrates, like oils, waxes, extracts. You can find or make 99% solid THCA crystals. But yes, dispos and growers can and do bump up their numbers to make their pockets fatter.


unless it is moonrocks or something (bud soaked in concentrates and rolled in keef), it is not possible to get that much thc content…

All thc levels at dispenceries can vary by up to 15% (usually it says that on package) . They test the Colas, but the lower buds usually are not as potent…

I am not an expert, so take this with a grain of salt…


The yellow snot is cannabis extract not flower. Extract is easily capable of being this high.


Yellow snot :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: love it! Heres the yellow snot in its raw form


I’ve been smoking Dispensary weed for a year now and i can attest to the fact that they do inflate the THC percentages on the labels. I have a half ounce of this stuff that is supposed to be 21% and its a let down. It barely gets me high. I’m very disappointed with it. Its the 2nd time this happened to me with dispensary weed. The only reason why i am not trying to return or exchange it, is because my first grow is rippening to fruition and i already know its got to be better and i will have a low tolerance now. I’m just finding the positive out of the negative here.

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How’s that grow Been coming along I haven’t seen updates at all on other forums here. Hope all is well :sunglasses:

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Me? I have a thread started on my entire first grow here. Its “New to growing cannabis and soil not in correct range” i updated today.

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My son bought some weed the other night from the dispensary it said 85% THC when he opened the bag all you could smell was moisture they didn’t even cure the damn shit.

I’m about supporting local business but I’m never going to support the local dispensary it’s all greed and they don’t give a rat’s ass if you get high or not

I have read through some lab reports on strains and see that besides just looking at the THC-9 they add in the total from “potential” THC congeners. But those add-ins would never get that high of a percentage.

@Lostgirl @MartyMarajuanaseed
What did the dispensary say when you brought it to their attention about the moisture?
That must have really ticked you off when you discovered that the dispensary committed such a hideous attrocity towards your son.
I have yet to make it to the dispensary, it’s way, way to far away.
But now I have couple of questions.

  1. Is the bud from dispensaries not cured, meaning that if it isn’t, that the weight they sell, would technically be the incorrect weight?

  2. If 21 percent or 20 percent THC barely gets a lightweight high, that means it’s not strong enough to overcome medical issues, so should a person just bypass the lower THC bud and go to the high 30 percentile on the bud.?

    It’s beginning to sound like dispensaries are not quite all what they are pumped up to be.
    Any other ‘horror stories’ about dispensaries?.
    It appears that it may be much more beneficial to a person to grow their own, at least a person growing it has a shot at getting a high THC percentage.
    I finally bought my seeds from ILGM and after months and months of studying, I came to the conclusion that Godfather OG is about the best choice to grow. I guess.

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I picked up a quarter from a dispensary in Vegas in 2018 and it had not been dried, so I ended up paying for wet weight. I was torqued off.

It basically had nothing to do with the weight. My son got his money back and I got my point across those were the two main things we were looking for.

If a grower/dispensary skips the curing process to quickly put their product for sale shows greed. If you do not cure the product your flavor and smell profile is not mature enough to give a flavor other than hay or a smell anything stronger than hey or dirt. Fortunately, I know the smells to look for and one of those smells is moisture. (Yes moisture has a smell)

As for the THC levels I simply asked to see a copy of the report. They could not provide one.

I was very professional very polite yet very pissed off and they know it. Two customers stop me outside and said they noticed the weed doesn’t have a smell and isn’t very strong. It’s about curing. If the weed is cured and you open the jar not only will you smell it the people within a hundred yards of smelling too.

I don’t buy from dispensaries nor will I ever. My son said this happens almost every place he goes.

I’m not trying to discourage anyone from going to dispensaries. I’m rather suggesting that you take telltale signs :radioactive: like any THC level over 32 you know it’s bullshit and bring it to their attention and simply asked for the report.

It’s your money not mine. I can see buying weed at dispensaries there’s no different than buying a used car from a crook.

I find this conversation extremely captivating.
So your saying there is a report?.
Meaning there is a report of some type for every type of weed in a dispensary.?
What does the report, report? So if a person was looking at buying 5 types of bud, they should say " I wanna see the 5 reports first".
But moisture would effect weed weight right?
I suffer from OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) especially when it comes to paperwork.
I could only imagine the anger you felt when they failed to provide a report.
I could only imagine how I would trip if I asked for a report and they didn’t give me one. Especially in lieu of the fact that I was hit with a rare medical condition that caused me to go deaf a few years ago.

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Any dispensary who values their customer and product/investment should have that credential on file. If the dispensary doesn’t have it there’s no proof that it’s true.

I could be wrong by a couple points but I think the highest documented THC level in history is 35% that’s why I say when you start seeing 75 85 and 90% you know it’s bullshit.

I personally live in a state of greed. I can’t say that all dispensaries across the US are the same way.

The more professional way in a dispensary business would be to have a laboratory report on the THC level. This detail sending a sample of your bud to the laboratory to get a full report back.

There’s also a cheaper way to do it utilizing software and some home kit. The product seems accurate yet not suitable for a business in my opinion.

On the weight, yes you are correct. If not cured means the inside of the bud contains moisture. moisture equals weight. So yes it would considerably alter the actual weight.

For you as a shopper I would recommend smelling the weed in its container if it is not a pungent smell that would leave me to believe there’s an issue. Any of the high level thc printed on the package that is 40% or above you know it’s not true.

This is a dog eat dog business.

Lemme ask you another question.
When you buy the bud in the dispensary, let just use a 1/8 as a example. Is the bud in a sealed bag and then put in a container?.
Are they glass jars, plastic jars, cardboard box with a lid?.
So if they are in a sealed bag can you open it in the store?
Do they have armed security in the dispensary to step in if someone suddenly realizes they have been taken advantage of and get irate?.
Shouldn’t the budtender or employee know the answers to a person’s questions?
Do they have a store scale in case a buyer has a discrepancy about weight?
So if a person buys dry leaf AKA shake, does that basically mean that SOMEBODY took the bud and ground up the stem and all?.
I’m beginning to get real suspicious of dispensaries. They appear to be underhanded and somewhat shady.


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For the most part every dispensary I’ve seen has the satisfaction guaranteed policy meaning you can bring back the weed. From the three that I’ve been to in my state this is true.

The weed is packaged very differently some coming bags some come in jars. At the dispensaries here for some reason you cannot open the package in the store.

At the dispensaries in my state there are armed guards in the lobby.

As far as the education of the employee at the dispensary I would imagine they will be able to answer any question you have for them. If you’re not getting the answers you’re looking for as for their supervisor.

Just about any dispensary will sell dry leaf. Dry leaf is normally what’s left after grinding, trim, and miscellaneous that’s fell off while drying or curing. If I had to guess it’s probably some of the best parts of the weed it seems to be relatively cheap in the dispensary.

Once again I’m not trying to discourage you or anyone else from buying from a dispensary. What all else fails common Sense will usually prevail. Be vigilant ask questions. There’s obviously honest dispensaries out there. Unfortunately are three locals are not quite honest.

Good luck to you

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Thank you

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I have gotten some good weed from my dispensary. I cannot say that it is all 2nd rate products. Its a crap shoot until you find a good company. GoodGreen for example is a good one. Every strain i tried from this company is good. &Shine, not so good.