8200 lumens for 2 plants using Scrog

Goodday experts!

On of our customers has got grow lights in these configurations. 5400 lumens of CFLs in 6400k lamps, and 2800 lumens of LED C5 tubes full spectrum.

Will 8200 lumens be sufficient to grow 2 plants of purple haze strain using scrog?

Thank you in advance!

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There types of lights will be okay for seedlings and very early veg, but you’re not going to be able to flower plants with them. You’ll end up with wispy plants and fluffy buds rather than dense, potent nugs.

You will want at least 250 watts of quality cannabis lighting, including red spectrum, to be able to flower 2 plants. Gravita, Chilled, and HLG all make quality lights for cannabis. Some of the newer Spider Farmer models are also decent. Be sure to get a light built with Samsung LM301 series diodes. An HLG 260 XL Rspec would be a good light. Stay away from the Amazon burple lights. The claims the makers of these lights make is vastly overstated.