8 weeks old and wondering if it’s too late for nutrients?

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Oh my goodness!!! Too funny!

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Guys I could use some help! Some of my leaves are turning yellow/brown. I water about every 3 days or so and I use nutrients every other watering (general hydro trio plus cal mag). Here are some pics

Overall I think the plant looks healthy except for these few leaves

All help is greatly appreciated

Hey just wanted to check and see how your plant was doing? Looking forward to seeing some pictures

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She made it to the drying tent.

I got back from a trip last Friday, and there was evidence of leaf miners and she had a lot of amber trichomes so I chopped her last Friday. I’m guessing she’ll be done drying late Sunday or Monday.

Thanks for asking!

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Do you have any recent pictures of your plant?

Wow that is a pretty sight!

Here are mine.

This was such an awesome experience! I already started grow #2

Did you do LST on the plant? It seems you have a pretty big yield

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I feel the same exact way. I started last December just finished grow #2 and can’t see myself not having some cannabis growing for the foreseeable future.

I did train this plant, but a lot less than I did on my first plant.

Here’s a link to a journal for the whole outdoor part of my latest plant if you want to check it out.

Gonna try an outdoor grow in an octopot - #49 by Oheeeoh - Overgrow.com

I got 3oz + 5gm dried yield from my first plant. I think this one might get to 2oz and that’s totally fine. I had to go on a 8 day trip with friends in April so I wasn’t going to plant anything after my first plant was done but ended up taking a gamble and trying a quick auto outdoors. The things I’ve learned about growing cannabis on the second grow have been priceless imo.

I saved that picture lol just letting you know , very helpful thanks !

I’m not sure of my yield yet. I haven’t weighed it but I filled two and a half jars of 750 ml and the small samples I’ve had are pretty good so far!

I know what you mean! It’s been such a fun and rewarding experience. I’m excited to grow other things too. I have a few tomatoes and bell peppers going! I’m learning a lot! This second grow I’m on has already been a little bit more challenging but there’s so much info here you can find a lot of answers. I’m excited to see your future grows! Happy growing!


I use(d) similar jars and they hold about an oz, maybe more depending on the density. Looks like a nice trim job with some sweet little nugs.

Top pic is zkittles 2 +1/8 oz dry weight
Bottom is White Cheese about the same.
Both, well most of it, in Grove bags 1/2 oz size. NO BURPING REQUIRED! :speaking_head: 62% rh automatic with some heavy tech involved. May be alien technology, :alien: I can neither confirm nor deny it though.


Awesome! I will take it! This yield exceeded my expectations and it was so fun! I will try to get a scale to see how much it weighs

Wow great looking nuggs! They do look very dense! As far as the rH, I think I may have over dried my plants a bit. I need some of that Alien tech that may or may not exist :shushing_face::joy:

Check them out. They come in sizes from 1/8 oz to giant totes for commercial use. Inexpensive and reusable. Zip lok or heat seal for long term use.

I had nothing to do with the technology n the grove bags :rofl::rofl::rofl::alien:


I do use them though, great product :+1::+1::v::alien: