8 weeks old and wondering if it’s too late for nutrients?

I’m growing 2 white widow autoflower. My plants are 8 weeks old this Saturday (Feb 5), I haven’t used any nutrients. They spend the day outside for about 10 hrs and a few hours under a really basic light set up. I’m wondering if it’s too late to start adding nutrients? I’m using Fox Farm Ocean Spray soil. Here is how the plants look like today

If recommended, I’ll use calmag and General Hydro trio

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Certainly not too late to feed. It is typical to go 4-8 weeks on the nutrients supplied by the soil but once those nutrients are consumed you need to feed.

Cal-mag is highly recommended once they begin to flower.


I’m using ocean forest as well, and give them the fox farm nutrients. I’m following this feeding schedule and giving using the first 6 nutrients listed. I also started using calmag this past weekend.


The is for the feedback! Also, when I feed/water, do I completely saturate the soil? Do you guys have a feeding schedule for the Hydro Trio or know where I can find one? Thanks again!

Measure ppm’s runoff when it is 1000 or less it’s time to start feeding.


@Nicky or @Not2SureYet uses the flora trio and can probably help u out. Ive been off them so long now i dont even remember them too well lol. Got jack stuck in the head lol.

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We both don’t use fox farms actually.

@Audiofreak has good advice for you.also watch for leafs starting to turn yellow or light green.

Water by weight (lifting pots) when you are feeding nutrients always ensure 20% run off to prevent salt builup in the root zone which causes PH issues and lockout of nutrients uptake

Fox farms scedule

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I tried the first feeding today. I mixed 2 gallons with 3.3ml micro, 3.3 grow, 4.0 bloom, and 4 ml of calmag per gallon. That’s what I found on their website and it’s what they recommend for the 7th week schedule. Here is what they look like today

Before the feeding I started noticing some yellowing of the bottoms leaves one one of the plants. I think I may need more water though because I didn’t have a lot of run off. I will post tomorrow to see how it’s going. Thank you guys for the feedback

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@Nicky is right. Neither of us use soil. I could say what would work in coco. But with you all ready having nutrients in there. I am lost. I believe @Myfriendis410 has used the GH in fox farms before

Do you have a PH and TDS meter along with calibration/storage solution? These two meters are almost a requirement if you are container-growing and supplementing.

You may want to think about potting up as well.

I have a PH meter but no TDS meter yet. I’m hoping I’ll have it the next feeding. Is here anything I should be keeping an eye on?

What is “potting up”?

Moving to a bigger pot.

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Here’s an update on my plants. I think they took the nutrients pretty well.

There’s a little bit of yellowing of the bottom leaves, and some differences in the color of the plants. One is a brighter green

Do you guys think they look healthy?
I watered with ph 6.1 on Sunday and I plan on watering tomorrow, so would I feed them again?
If I transfer to a different pot, will it stress them out?

Have you found the GH flora trio feed chart online?

I’m doing my first outdoor grow in an octopot. Using GH flora 3 part series because that’s what I had always heard people the grew weed used. :smiley:

My plant was very slow and stunted for a good 2-3 weeks after I transplanted her. Mainly because our night time temps kept dropping in to the 40’s. 45 degrees at night probably isn’t the healthiest thing for a young cannabis plant.

She’s caught her groove lately with our 80/90’s day time temps and nights in the 60’s. Past 2 weeks has been amazing growth, especially when one considers our humidity runs around 10-15% most of the day.

This was her on Easter Sunday. I used her to hide an egg as a prop for her glamour shot:

She’s small, but seems healthy. I’ll take it all day for a first outdoor grow. She’s at about 2 weeks in flower. Starting to make trichs on her biggest leaves.

Pretty amazing we can legally grow our own plants. What a beautiful time in history to be alive.


Here’s the link to the online feed charts if you haven’t seen them.


Is that the one made from cranberries? LOL


That plant looks beautiful! Yes I agree with you, it is amazing for MJ right now. I’m so glad to be able to attempt to grow!! Thank you for the schedule. I hope to see more pics of you plant as it continues to grow! I think your plant and mine are about the same age

Not sure… it’s one I kept seeing pop up on YouTube videos and many people here recommended it so I figured why not?..

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Yeah it’s good soil, just messing with ya, Ocean Forest is the soil, Ocean Spray is that cranberry drink. Happy Growing!


Great joke. Haha.

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