8 weeks and 5days old gdp autos, they look ok?

Do these look healthy to you? Everything has gone perfect so far but is it normal for them not to be green at 8.5 weeks old? Just seems like all the pictures I see everybodyelses is always greener. Thank you

Ilgm grand daddy purple auto flowers. 8.5 weeks since popping up from soil.

What soil are you goring in? What nutrient products are you using and how often do you feed? Are you monitoring runoff pH and PPM?

They are decent sized for their age, but there appears to be nutrient problems.


For me they looks good you suppost to be close to the end , and I think it is normal the way they looks, I like flash the plant before the end , to get the best result when I smoke, so it is normal to see some yellow leaves.
Anyway I am not a professor, I can be wrong, I just like to share my opinion


Promix and worm castings for medium

I use 3 part floral series, epsom salts and molasses.

I’m not sure how many more weeks to go yet? I was thinking about starting flushing?

I always mix up 4 gallons of water, 3 gallons of ro and 1 tap, always adjust to 6.5-6.8

Thease were left over seeds from last grow and same end results again? It was ok weed but airy

I do mix nutes half strength because I read autos don’t need as much? That may be my problem lol, what should I do from here on out with them? Thank you

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This is more plant specific, I’ve had autos and photos that were nutrient finicky. Feed at 900-1000 PPMs with a PH of 6.5. Nice pheno expression with the red/purple leaves, the lighter green leads me to believe their hungry :love_you_gesture:

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Ok so buy my pics can you get an idea of how long before harvest? I’m thinking 3weeks???

Should I up the nutes according to flora series directions at this point? Or just keep doing what I’m doing for another 3 weeks or so then just do I ph flush with water?

Ps- can you just flush with ro water? Or should I use phd tap water??


I would agree around 3 weeks or less. I probably would feed once and straight tap water the last 2 weeks :love_you_gesture:


Straight tap water ph’d? Is that better than ro water to flush with? Just gave last feeding I’m thinking, so gonna start flushing next dry out. So is it better to use tap water or ro? Thank you