8 new ILGM babies. Soliciting veg pruning and light advice

So all 4 Golden Leaf and 4 Super Skunk beans germed. Now all showing robust growth.

For this grow, I’m wondering mostly how to prune these from this point to transition. And what light to blast em with…

**FF Happy Frog
**5 gal plastic pots
**Indoor Grow
**Lighting so far has been by an Illumitex Neosol NS. It’s been a vegging champ for a few grows. These plants can also go under an MH, HLG 280, or HLG 550R anytime.
**ph 6.5
**75Fday, 65F night
**nutes for when the baby petals die and the plants start to lighten is a GH Performance Pack,

They are about 4-6” high and 5-9” wide now. Their forever homes will be 2x4 or 4x4 tents…Gorilla tents, with or without 1’ extension.

I’m wondering how these 2 strains like their haircuts. For example, they are showing those little growths close to main stem that will always be shaded little popcorns. (She said anymore fluffy buds and she’ll call me Orville Redenbacker…old school…) When, if at all are those little ones kept?

Also, if dense potent nugs are the goal, what lighting regimen has worked best for these strains given the options listed.

And sog or scrog?

Top or not?

Thanks and cheers for any thoughts.


How many of those tents do you have? Do you have one of each of the lights mentioned?