8 cola main line Crystal, L.S.T Godfather O.G, Purple Kush, Super Silver Haze

She looks good to me.

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I don’t see anything concerning to my eyes

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Yea I got it under control I believe an I jus realized my GodFather of is bout ready an so is gold leaf n sour apple that I put back into tent witch was best thing I could’ve done trichs on sour apple r amazing the unknown is more hybrid with few very few amber but all good an super silver Haze looks potent as hell jus like sour apple looks I can’t wait to try them when ready…


So new run coming I got 2 DO-SI-DO AUTOFLOWER I got 2 wedding cake photos an I’m hoping I can fit in an Alaskan thunderfuck I jus got 5 Cant wait for all my plants to finish being all in flower at the last days or week gotta check 4 plant trichomes tonight as well see if I have room to start an Alaskan thunderfuck I really hope I do

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DO-SI-DO AUTOFLOWER & Wedding cake photoperiod