8-16 or 9 - 10?


LSD indoor, 750w HPS / MH …FF Ocean breeze something …68 - 72 Deg…at all times…4 gal pots, Fox Farm ,Big Bloom , Grow Big and Tiger ,… OK , The members tell me 8 weeks veg and 8 weeks flower …BUUUUUT …ILGM , says “FLOWERING TIME INDOOR 9-10 weeks” As of today they are 39 days old … WTF ??? Someone in the forum also said 8 weeks of veg and 8 weeks of flower …WTF ??

Veg time I would base off of the amount of room you have they will 2x or 3x the size in flower. And I would take the flower time as a guideline not set in stone. You gotta listen to your girls and look at the tricomes could be shorter could be longer just depends on the pheno


Plants dun read the write up in the description designed to sell you seeds. Genetics and how you care for them determine how fast n healthy they grow.

Learn to read your leaves and overall development to gauge when YOU want to start flowering.
Keep in mind the start of flowering will trigger “the Stretch”. Which will be 1.5 to 2 times the height of plant before flowering is triggered. After about two weeks, the Stretch is over and she will start filling out.

HINT: let them go a little longer and the buds will plump up and add on lots more trichomes.


Very pretty full and healthy.

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OK … I did the math , From floor to ceiling I have 76" , Minus the light , the pots , the height they are now … If I change them over they will have 8 " between the light and the top of the plants … Can I change them over at 42 days ??? @tanlover442 @Dushin91 ???

?..are you saying at the current height the plants will be 8" off the lights???

OR…after a 1.5 to 2x current size stretch ?

IF you are using HPS bulbs…plants need around 18" off the lights. LED can go less.

You can start flowering now…if you want :cowboy_hat_face::vulcan_salute::v:

Plants are 40 days old … I have 76 " Top to bottom grow space … Minus the light , minus the pots , minus the plant size they are already , Plants are 40 days , and I only have 36 " left , if they grow 200% , That will leave me 8 " @ maturity between the lamp and top of plants

Yeah you can put your plants in flowering any time now they are definitely mature enough to do so. If you want look up low stress training techniques to give you more space if need be. Also scrogging topping etc. Plenty of methods to help people with limited space

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