7th week veg issues with deficiency

Hello everyone,

I am a little unsure of why my plant has leaves that are turning light lime-ish green almost yellow and a couple leaves have some reddish tips .

Strain: Fire OG Bought here at ILGM
7th week into veg
Medium : Fox Farm ocean forest
H2o pH throughout grow – 6.1 - 6.3
Temp 80-81 degrees

I flushed twice so far, the plant doesn’t seem to be getting worse but it does not seem to be turning back to that rich green it should look like. Not sure if i have a nutrient lockout or so?
Here are pics of the leaves. Any help would be much appreciated. Have a good day. MAhalo


FFOF will only carry you so far: about 7 or 8 weeks. It is time to add supplements to your water.

You can stick with FF nutes or look into something else like General Hydroponics etc. A lot of us are using a nutrient line called Jack’s. There’s also Chemgro: both of these are very easy and economical to work with.

I would also suggest verifying the calibration of your meter and if you have a TDS meter start checking runoff TDS to see how depleted soil is.



Thank you for the reply. I did forget to put on the list my nutrients i have been using but i don’t use much.
My nutrients are
F.F trio ( Grow Big, Big Bloom, Tiger bloom)
T.P.S nutrients ( Bloom , Signal “Terpene support” and N-Primier)
Myco “root inoculant”
Flower Fuel
Tribus brand ( Original, Bloom, Veg)
Humbolt flower stacker
Humbolt sweet and sticky

These are my nutrients i have been using, and when i use them i don’t use all at once. I use a little less then the recommended serving. I believe sometimes less is more. Again i don’t use the all the listed nutrients i have during or when its feeding time. I switch them each other week. I make sure im not giving too much of something.
My first harvest was pretty good, this is my second round now and this is my first time seeing this deficiency. I will check my meters make sure it is calibrated. start there and see.
Would Cal-Mag be okay to correct this hopefully small issue?
Again big Mahalo for the help!


It’s been a while since I’ve grown in soil but your ph should be between 6.2 and 6.8 for soil.


Damaged leaves will not turn back to green. You need to check the new growth.


Hey Shaggy, I am new at this but I think the ph of your soil may be off to the low end. Check your runoff, there are nutrients that can’t be absorbed if the ph is under 6.2. It’s been my experience that the soil stays about 4 points under the ph of my water. If the ph is off in your soil, flush it and then feed it at a higher ph… This cured the problem when my leaves looked like yours.

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The issue may be from brand jumping the nutes. Since you have 3? Complete lines there and addons. I’d probably pick a brand and stick to it. Don’t know how they may react with each other in the soil.


@Dino1 @AfgVet

So today i did just that. I used some spring water to flush, on the first runoff i caught is was 6.1
I used another half gallon and that runoff was much lower. It said 5.6-5.7. Now… I am not sure if there is a particular time off the runoff to take your measurement?
How should i increase the soil pH? (pH my H2o higher? 6.8-7.0?)
Can i use? or should i use ? spring water for the corrections?
Someone mentioned about my leaves, that the damaged leaves will not come back to green.
The new leaves seem to have that lime-ish green look. Again i gave no nutrients to this plant.
However… I dont think when i saw this problem. Reading the Growers Bible says to use plain natural water and i thought for flushing it did not matter about pH. So…
I flushed with my tap and that pH is very high its 7.8.almost 8.0 with a ppm of 489
My water i use to water my plants is tap water that i pH down to 5.8 to be safe. (“as what i was hoping to think”)
My other plants don’t seem to share this deficiency. Hope this stays that way…
Another question about Veg?
Is there a rule of thumb on when you go from Veg to Bloom? I am approaching 8th week veg.

Mahalo for all your kind info! Have a stoney day!! ALOHA :sunglasses:

@Dino1 @AfgVet
took a pic of the new leaves up top .

Yes, I would ph to 6.8-7.0 and flush to bring the ph of run off up to an excel table level. Once you are where you want to be give the plant a light feeding

As far as when to flip, it’s really up to you. Figure the plant will double in height after the change to flower schedule

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Like I said Shaggy, I am new at all of this. But I think you should always ph your water, even when you are flushing your plant. I would vary the ph between 6.6 and
6.9. As far as how long to keep your plant in veg, I know for the photos like my Acapulco Gold, they say to keep it in veg for at least 8 weeks, I have heard if you go longer it will increase your yield.

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what size pot are you in?

i don’t think that looks like a calmag issue but i do like to feed it every once and awhile to head off any potential issues. are your stems purple? kinda looks like phos, and it’s absorption can be hindered by lower ph’s. also, i notoriously suck at diagnosing these things.

what are you switching between? i’m not a FF guru but it looks like those are the only nutes you have for veg and you’d need them more than every other week. follow the schedule and follow myfriend’s advice for measuring TDS.

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Hello and thanks for the reply. To answer you .
Pot size 5 gallon
Purple stems yes. On 2 of the plants
The nutrients i will keep more on a consistent basis not do any switching. I like the TDS .
F.F. was from a friend. I try not to get crazy about buying many different brands.
I do use the stuff from Tribus Impello “the oringinal”
I use microbes like “Great White Shark”
And last is the sweet and sticky from Humbolts Secret
LOL i guess thats alot of nutes…
thank you for the advice much appreciated. have a good day!

Thanks for the info. All of it is much appreciated.

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Thanks for the information. Gonna stick with the advice. Seems others agree about the pH.

I have a question maybe you might know or have a idea.
So… I have a 5 gallon bucket for my water, i have oxygen/air pumping in the water.
When i pH the water from 7.4 to 6.0 , at the time the meter reads 6.0
18 hours later i go to use the water i test the water before using and the pH always goes up to 6.8 – 7.0 sometimes.
I have tested my meters i have 2 of them, good ones. both are working fine.
Not sure if you ever experienced this before. Not sure if i am doing something incorrect?

Thanks for all your help and time! Have a good day!

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thanks for the reply. i should have remember that about leaves. but thank you for the reminder. Have a good day.

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i guess i’m still not clear on what schedule you’re following. it also seems like you’re feeding flowering nutes during veg, maybe every other week which is not going to give them what they need during veg.

pot size should be fine but my other thought was maybe the plant needed to be potted up.

now that you flushed i would just follow the FF schedule for veg plus your inoculants and stick to around 6.5 for your ph.

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That’s very common for the ph to drift as it sits. It’s best to ph directly prior to watering

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oops forgot to say that i feed once a week. i am usually under the ppm by 50-100 points.
i follow F.F chart that came with the package.
TPS has a Signal nutrients it signals the plant to make more Terpene i think. i use this aswell.

So purple stems? Does that come from to much Phosphorus ? I have 3 plants that are about to be harvested 2 of them have purple stems, the other has none. I scratch my head on what i may have done incorrect for the ladies with the purple stems. Some say genetics could play a role on the purple stems… Again not sure im just going thru the motions and taking notes from the ILGM community .
Much appreciate you taking the time to help me out. Have a good one!!

ok would need someone who uses FF to chime in but my guess is they’re just hungry. the top of the FF chart says to feed two times per week. i don’t know how long you plan to veg, but the left side of the chart is for veg and that’s what you should have been following the last few weeks. the middle is the weeks leading up to flower. i don’t know your grow space constraints, but for a five gallon pot you may be looking to transition soon and could be in the circled area. and again, you’re feeding bloom nutes during veg with anything looking to boost terpines. follow the directions, but i’d think that would be a mid flower feed. if it’s me, i get the rest of the FF lineup for flower and follow this schedule for base nutes. you can still probably use the additives and boosters.

and yes purple stems can be genetic. when you see them in conjunction with leaf issues it could be a signal of phos or i think magnesium. if your flowering plants’ buds look good and you have purple stems, don’t worry about it.