7th week in flower


Hello, first time grower here outside grow. I live In Massachusetts and the weather is getting colder (no frost yet) my question is does this plant look like it’s in its 7th week? I do take them inside at night just in case it gets too cold for them. I’m just worried about the weather staying nice. And it’s been cloudy the last few days it’s that ok?

nice until they are ready. Thank you for any input.


This my outdoor.

when bright sun is not there the uv is what your plant wants it still there. Im in like week 11 of flower. Hold out as long as you can.


looks good… each plant will mature differently based upon strain, genetics, and grow methods so it is hard to say “Yes, it is definitely in the seventh week of flower”…
but it does look like a well flowering plant that should reach full maturity in a couple more weeks.


That is one beautiful plant great job @Soilgrowth.


Thank you there are a few buds on there that are the wider then a baseball. Then main y in the trunk broke donto being so heavy. Shes a week or less away from coming down ill tell you the weight of here and show you the ten gallon root system. She stinks so well.


I think you should leave outside , the colder time make it grow through the outside process. You holding it up by bringing it in. Its an outside grow. Leave it outside. But you buds look like you have between 11 to 20 days. For the good couch high. Bed medicine. 30 days to wake and bake.


Thank you for your reply @Soilgrowth that’s a beautiful plant you have😀 I have only taken the plants inside the past few nights because it’s been raining for day’s. Do you think they will grow slow for keeping them inside for a short time? 3 nights of rain and temps in the low 50’s😡 We do need the rain hardly any all summer.


The rain will help the plant kind of flush it self out. I just went through three days of rain lows in the low 50’s. They will plump up with rain water. I went and shook branches to get excessive water of. But plenty of fresh air and the plant soaks up the water like a sponge.


Can i see the whole plant and area she is growing in please?


Now rembember this is my very first time. I’m very surprised that they are even still living with all the mistakes I made early on😂 Poor things. I have 3 plants they pretty much look like this one.


Definetley, as @Soilgrowth said hold off as long as possible, my out door grow is Booming now !!


Great first grow, I’m in the same boat !!, I have been slowly taking the bottom leaves off week by week, I hope that’s right , I assume they aren’t needed as much in the final weeks.


I dont do anything but top it so the bottom 4 branches are left look at my topic the art of bending. I am prolific at bending. My plant is only 4 main branches


Oh yeah , I did read that article, I’m a complete newbie to really trying to grow anything decent, I"ve grown some in the past but not at any Caliber. I have 6 plants, outdoor soil grow with 2 Blue Berry Autos and 4 White Widows, all ILGM seeds, my last post is ," Holy Crickies look at the Triches", just checked on them today, holy crap they Exploded over the last 4 days!!
Taking new pics tomorrow. I might try some of your bending techniques next years outdoor grow. My evening temps have been in the mid 50"s right now its at 61 deg. I’m holding out a bit longer till I harvest.


Let me know… plants teach patients. There like time you cant control it 100%


I’m in the Northeast as well, as long as you keep taking them in at night you’ll be ok
-best wishes


@Paranorman That’s what I been doing. Also one of the buds fell off one of my plants so I hung it to dry!! Now the smell is gone and it smells like hay. Is this normal and will the smell come back?


smell should come back after a couple weeks of curing…that would be my guess


Yeah I read that but then you get mixed answers some say it will not and some say it will. It’s only a small bud that fell off so I thought I would try drying it and trying it😜 stI’ll have a a couple of weeks to go I think.


I would say so. Looks like my amnesia did…