700ppm too much for seedling?

Any suggestions? I think my sour d is toasting…runoff ppm around 740

You shouldn’t be at 700 until around the second half of veg. What soil is that? And have you added nutes?

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Just sprouted this seed in ocean forest. My white widows did fine never missed a beat. I’ve only given this sprout 5-10 ml of water until this morning I poured about 6oz just to get a little runoff to check. Any suggestions as to what I can do to save it?

Yeah, ocean forest can be too hot for certain strains. White widow would probably grow in a bottle of fox farms grow big.


The runoff with ocean forest is typically 2000-3000 ppm. If you want a product with low run off you need to grow in coco or something besides soil.

When growing in soil I use ocean forest with an inch or so of seed starter on top and they do fine.

You are probably watering it too much. Should have given the soil a good soaking before planting the seed and left it alone for a week or so.

Not particularly looking for a product with low runoff just trying to figure out why these seedlings are burning up. I did flush this cup before sowing the seed…maybe I should deplete more of the nutrients before starting the seed?

Just start them in a more seed friendly mix. Flushing the cup prior to planting could have kick started the nutrient breakdown in the soil causing too much of it to be available.


Thanks makes sense when you put it that way. I was just trying to use what I got on hand at the moment. Will definitely get something more seed friendly. I have another seed in the promix red bag stuff and its having a hard time growing

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Usually with ffof u dont need any nutes for first 4 to 5 weeks. Me on the other hand gave mine a quarter dose at second or 3 week. They did yellow a slight bit but came right back

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At that age- all it needs is in that dirt. Jiffy seed starter discs are made just for that job and every thing the plant needs is in the dirt- and its PH is correct.

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