7 weeks old 3rd week of flower

Just reached 3rd week of flower what y’all think?


The picture doesn’t even really do it justice. 6 plants 3 blueberry and 3 white widow


Looking good

They look a bit stretch next run when flower hits drop the light a bit lower to keep the stretch down some more and looks like u have a hang of it so far. Sure to hit a speed bump here or there but we r all here to help push u over the hump.

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Looks great good work

Looking good you plan on throwing a net over these ladies to lst or just letting them grow up till they need the net for support?

They already have a net and I’m done with the lsting. Like i said the picture doesn’t do them justice.

@Krayzie30 , they look healthy, so that is a win . Without knowing the cultivar and how many watts you are pumping out . I couldn’t never rate your grow. .I have a organic grow , 2 super silver haze, and 2 Fuel D og. These are tall growing sativa dominant cultivar. Under 2 HLG 260 xl rspec leds. Week 3 of flower

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Yeah you’ve done smoked my ass for sure!
Your plants look amazing and I’m sure that grow light is much nicer than mine to all I’ve got is a little mars hydro ts1000 led but it does ok. I also noticed it looks like your flower pots are allot bigger than mine to not sure how much that could change the size of the plant’s. You said yours was all organic,
If you don’t mind me asking what all are you using.

Cultivator? If you mean who i got my seeds from that would be seedsman.

@Krayzie30 , I’m using coot’s soil mix, thank you for your kind words about my grow. Coots Soil Mix Explained – ClackamasCoot

Actually i didn’t take into consideration the pre flower phase so it took about two weeks to actually start flowering so in this picture my plants are actually only 1 week into flower not 3. My bad. :man_shrugging: