7 weeks in and need some help please

Hey guys I am 7 weeks in and am seeing alot of yellowing on this autoflower. Any help or tips would be appreciated. Currently using a 3x3 mars hydro tent with 1000w light. Using Happy frog soil mixed with perlite in a 5gal mesh pot. I started giving it fox farm big bloom a little late when I started seeing the yellow leaves (week 5). As of last week I started using recharge and cal-mag instead of the big bloom. Links are below to the recharge powder I am using.

Thanks for the help guys!

The last picture is the most recent from yesterday.

She’s definitely hungry. Are you using only Big Bloom? 5 weeks is right at the end for what HF carries, and Big Bloom isn’t enough by itself that late in. If have have at least the whole liquid trio, I recommend using them all at proper pH’ed levels. Your plant is getting hungry. The spots won’t go away, but you can get some of the color back.

Recharge is a microbial that more or less feeds the soil and roots. Microbes break down the nutrients further to make them more easily available. If there isn’t any nutes though, there isn’t much to uptake.

Calmag needs to be added every water, between feedings. At least ½ strength.


Are there any nutrients that just come in 1 bottle Instead of the trio that is just as good? This is my first time growing and the trio seems like a complicated schedule. Also it is possible I am over watering or under watering? My light schedule I currently use is 20 and 4. Thanks again.

Slurry test your soil and test it !

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I’m not really sure there is a 1 bottle feed line. The trio is a lot of mixing, but in soil it’s a once a week thing, maybe twice if you dull it down. Jack’s 321 is a cheap 3 part feed that is the same amount every feed, start to finish. Fox Farms nutes are a good line, just a lot of mixing, pH’ing, and you have to flush if you use the line up right. I was using the liquid and powder trio so I was using like 20 syringes of liquid nutes then measuring powdered nutes with it also.

Floranova grow and floranova bloom are 1 part nutes. Use grow in veg and bloom in flower and be done with it

Plus GoldLeaf has a one part 5mls start to finish and it ph perfect with the dirt .

Thanks guys. Definitely going to try one of those. I will let you know how it progresses.

Thats the one I ordered should be here Tuesday. Thanks again, keep you guys posted.

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You’ll love the simplicity and the final buds will be amazing !

Ok so I just received the goldleaf. I am currently in week 7 but not to sure how much to add. It says 1.5ml for a liter. But since the plant has been somewhat starving do I add more. I feel like maybe the flowers are small due to the fact of not having the correct nutes or maybe it’s just my impression. I would like to water it today and just wanted to know if I should also add the supercharge powder and cal-mag as well or just do the goldleaf? Thanks again for the help.

Also does that mean I will use it for 1 week and then have to flush already? Since it says week 8 to 10 to flush. My understanding with this autoflower was that it would take at least 12 weeks or longer. This strain is the girlscout cookie extreme autoflower.

I do think you have a nutrient issue but ensure your plant is not sucking up the nutrients (depleting the soil), or not taking nutrients, due to an environmental imbalance. IOW address the root cause vs the symptoms.

Before you feed, or water, or spray anything, or take action in any other way: take environmental readings.

Ensure the fresh air is changed ~every minute so stale hot air is removed and the plant has a steady supply of fresh CO2 rich air.

Take room and leaf temp, a humidity reading, and plug those numbers into a VPD calculator to understand where you are as far a transpiration is concerned.

If your canopy leaf temp is higher that your room temp your lights may be too low. If your leaf temp exceeds ~85* your room is too warm. Room temp 77F +/-7F is a happy zone.

After any leaf temp issues are resolved, then ensure your lights are set to proper DLI to optimize photosynthesis.

After adjusting lights recheck VPD (leaf, room, humidity). Find a balance between VPD (transpiration) and DLI (photosynthesis) by controlling the environment.

As the plant grows, when you transplant, when the weather changes, etc., adjust the environment balance based on the VPD and DLI requirements for the stage of growth the plant is in.

Then if using soil, pH test a soil sample. Hanna has a great tutorial. If it’s 6.5 +/- .3 you should be good. Correct the pH if not.

Then look at your nutrients to ensure you are providing 3 primary, 3 secondary, and 7 trace minerals in your nutrition of choice. Also consider using microbes. They help the plant take on nutrients. Real Grower’s Recharge, Mammoth P, others…

If your environment is not balanced treating the symptoms will be a short term solution.

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