7 strains on sale till November 12th

Great news: We have our Veterans Day Sale online!

In honor of our veterans we have some great deals on amazing strains.

Buy 10 seeds and get 10 extra seeds for free!

Check out https://shop.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/collections/deals for the discounted strains:
-Purple Haze
-California Dream
-Bergman’s Gold Leaf Autoflower
-Strawberry Cough
-OG Kush
-Purple Kush
-Blue Cheese

This sale ends November 12th, so make sure you order your seeds on time!


Cali Dream 10 for 10 !!! :+1:t2::fire:

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That’s roughly 5-6 dollars a seed and Cali is Top Shelf … The value on ILGM’s 10 for 10 is insanely good :+1:t2:


I was looking at the Cali Dream, but went with the Purple Haze.

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Great choice! I like Sativas myself so any ILGM Haze will be awesome. I just grew a Super Silver Haze and it was one of the best strains I have tried👍🏻

Good luck on your grow

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I’ll have to try the Cali, or the Silver Haze in the future.

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The Cali dream is the best smelling strain during flower that I’ve ever grown .


It’ll for sure be on my list of to do’s. I’ve presently got about eight different strains I’ve purchased from ILGM.

Hi all,

Thanks for your enthusiasm. The sale is closed starting from now. I’ll keep you posted about upcoming offers and sales!

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Happy Holidays, Thom

I missed the sale this time around. :pensive:

Too bad! Are you subscribed to ILGM newsletters? We give updates by email as well!

@ILGM.Thom I’m not sure if I do or not. My last Super Cannabutter did dosing had me asleep.