7 gallon vs 5 gallon grow bags

Opinion on 7 gallon vs 5 gallon grow bags

Depends on how big you are growing your plants. Biggrr plants need more space

I believe its a foot per gallon

Depends if this is inside, outside, or autoflowers.
Photoperiod inside 5 gallon is more than enough. (I use 3 gallon)
7 gallon is just the start for outside. Anything larger than that it makes more sense to put it directly in the ground.


I will add that soil grows usually require more size than soilless media.


7 gallon - lb per pot depends on strains bigger pot = bigger yields !!! go with 7 if you can in re-guards to you grow space - generally one need 2.5 feet per plant to grow the best

They are both bigger than necessary.


How often do you want to water …?
Would be the real question here…?
If your using fabric pots , than it’s just a matter of how often you want to water…
Can’t get root bound in a fabric pot…
But will definitely need to water and feed more depending on the size of the fabric pot…
Smaller pot…
more feeding and watering…
Bigger pot…
Less feeding and watering…

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