7 gallon pots with foop 90 days

The 3 plants are 90 days… I’m thinking one more week at least. The late bloomers are Skittles. The middle one is wedding cake. Other 2 gelato


Great looking plants!



Looks like you’re getting close. I’d like to see a shot of one representative cola. You still have pistils showing with what appears to be minimal foxtails. Likely you have a bit more time to bulk up.

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I’ll send close ups now!


The trichromes look amazing! Just not even 10 percent amber… very low amber

I’d let it go another week then put up more pictures. Very nice plant! I’d definitely be on water-only at this point.

What light are you running and how much?

Thank you for your curiosity. I am mars hydro e series 750 watt. Foop organic

I am double foop nutrients per water 20 hours on light cycle

Wow looks great. I’m on my first grow. Only have 7ish tops on each plant. Yours are insane lol.

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Have you ever used foop or familiar? It can’t burn your plants! Also you don’t have to flush. I have been feeding large doses right up until chop day… What do you think?

No experience with it. Jack’s does the same for me

Hey…here’s the almost week update!
I’m curious about this plant …

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Here the other two plants


Hey I started a thread in auto flowers called … Chop time? :axe: Organic

Can you check that out when you get a chance!!!

Tag me in to it?

I think you’re ready to harvest.

Not sure how to tag!

Add an @ sign before a username you wish to tag. For instance, @Kozmoz and @MidwestGuy.

Oh, thank you!