7 days in a glass of water, and this is it. was told it was a dead seed

7 days in a glass of water, and this is it. was told it was a dead seed
IS there customer service on this site? My pictures are considered spam so what do I do?

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There is, go to the support center right below the forum button

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Hey there @JNiceTarz , Welcome to the forum.
That seed has germinated. Who said it was dead?
Should have been planted once it showed a root.
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Looks like it should grow if it didn’t dry out yet

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How long ago did it pop and start a taproot? That looks like it can go in either a damp paper towel for a couple of days, or atraight into the dirt.


It was my understanding that a Tap Root needed to be at least a half an inch long that’s what I was waiting for it has been in water or wet paper towel the entire time then I put it in soil this morning. I was told in another forum it was dead. The color was always kind of odd compared to the white tap roots on the other two seeds. It’s in soil now under some lights and a dome for moisture. Misting it with a spray bottle. Thanks again for your help I’m very green to grow in my own, have always been a gardener though.

Agree that the root looks off color.
Once they crack you need to remove them from the water or they can drown. I suspect that is what happened. Some put them in a damp paper towel once they crack. Many only soak in water 24hrs and then put in a paper towel to finish germinating or just plant them. That paper towel in the photo is way too wet. Damp, but not sopping wet is what you want. Mostly it provides a humid place for the seed to get started. Lots of us, myself included, drowned our first seeds too. Once the germinating process starts you want to be careful of too much water.


Welcome to the community. Like @Spiney_norman said. Good luck.

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Welcome to the community. Please keep us updated.

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Not that this is the gospel, but I soak until it pops 2 to 3 days, then into damp soil.

Good luck.

ILGM is the best!

soaked one day in a glass of water with some peroxide.
The seeds cracked open the next day and and tap roots were visible.
Transferred to paper towel moistened with soaking water.
Day 3 is what is shown. Seed shells have dropped off (first time this fast) and one even has cotyledon growing. Into some coco they went.

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The first time I have ever used the glass method as the video demonstrates it’s the recommended method . i have always used the paper towel method. there was obviously some left out as you all have written… Do you think it’ll grow? Or is it done? From what it sounds like this seed will not be replaced.

Well sadly it was user error. You can try spraying a paper towel and then putting it in a ziploc bag. I usually spray inside the ziploc bag a bit for extra humidity / damping the paper towel.