7 autos and a bag seed walk into a bar

What’s going on my fellow amazing growers I haven’t really been too active on here with work and the plants but I’m happy to be back and be active again :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I have some cheese berry, cream cookies and a gg4 bag seed that’s way ahead of the autos until they catch up lol
I only have these pictures right now I’ll keep updating every day/end of week.
@Nicky @Covertgrower @Hellraiser @Hoppiefrog @Knowledgegrab28 @fano_man @beardless

If anyone else wants to join along by all means pull up a chair and get comfortable :blush:

I also added in the pic of when I had the wedding cake drying, literally one of the best smokes I’ve had in a while, I was so happy with how it came out. 10/10 recommend ILGM Wedding Cake Autos.


Little over a month for the autos so far, I’m pretty happy with them, first autos im trying to grow so I’m hoping for the best :blush: the gg4 is about to be a week into flowering it’s a bag seed I got from some gg4

So far so good boys I’m about to mix more Nutes tomorrow but I’m hoping these finish some time mid Julyish :+1:t3:🥸

Also meant to add these too