7 and half weeks with foop!

Hey y’all, bunch of y’all been following my progress with these girls. Check out these pics out of the tent! You can really see all of there glory! Glorious girls 101. Feel free to ask me my meathod to this crazy growth and divine divinity


I think I’m finally starting to get some strain specific characteristics, also the resin looks rediculous. The crystals are becoming very phat.
2 gorilla glue
2 girl scout cookies
1 Bruce banner

It’s the ilgm super power deluxe knock your socks off stuck in the couch mix… Know what mean. :slight_smile:

I understand this is starting to get a little sexy… Maybe I should move over to bud porn

Looks great alot of trim jail time there if u want to spend less time in trim jail get ur self a cannabrush

What is that I dont understand?

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Its a special brush u can get for trimming ur buds when they are dry rather then using scissors and spending all of time in trim jail u use the brush and it takes less time to trim ur buds and u don’t lose trichomes either

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I will post a video for u Scissor Trim vs Brush Trim - YouTube watch this link

Sweet ya I’m still flabbergasted. How on her to you brush leaves off?

Yah it works well ive just currently brought one for when my plant is ready cause my hands cramp up easily when using scissors

That what she said

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Theres other videos on YouTube a guy done three pounds in one day with the brush and he said it would normally take him three weeks to do three pounds

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Wow. !!

Theres always people who are goin to be sceptical about the whole thing and have there own views on it

I wasn’t that impressed with it. It is really rough on the bud. Luckily I had the trim bin to catch all the triches it knocked off.

That’s what he said ! Thanks both of you for the feedback

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Im goin to give it go and see what the out come will be im not after the commercial look for my buds as long as it takes of the majority of the sugar leaves im fine with that

When i get it and use it i will let u know how it goes

You can also see all the triches that get stuck to it

Wtf… so you can brush cut leaves…m I’m so confused

It’s for when you dry trim. The dried leaves are really brittle and it knocks them off. But it takes trichomes with it. This was a once over with the brush. Looks pretty good but really roughs the bud up