7.3 ph levels on two outside plants 6.8 ph on box girl

I have two outside plants both had a brown’s leaves and yellow leaf attack. I added more dirt for roots were shown. added some horse poop water after flushing for 2omin’s I have both in huge Tupperware trays like Under the bed kind . Outside daytime temps 75-88 nightime times 50’s 70’s . today they seem ok still plae green. but I can’t del with lower temps at night . Any clue how to hasten them they do have lttle flowers growing but I think I may run out out time. Also I have a western Grail in a huge wooden box and she is a 4ft x3ft biggie with at least 33 buds starting and very much in better shape then the bag ladies
in fabric 5 gallon pots

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You could try covering them with a tarp or plastic sheet at night. That should keep them warm enough. Pretty sure there’s no way to speed up the flowering process, sorry…


Yes the good old WGN weather man says low 60’s and high 50’s these next few nights and beyond. Sept 7th I believe they all started auto flowering… Would it be possible to get my bag ladies into my tent?? The Western Grail in the box I can cover with with old shower curtains. Last night I misted all three and gave blood meal and will see today. Any body else have any outdoor tricks to keep babies warm? Thanks I will try this method and report back. This is our 1st grow not bad so far learning fast and I feel like I am in High School in my Earth Science class with taking notes ,checking heat, water, humidity, air temp ,LST,SWOG, more notes, WOW Thanks BradBudsMT I feel like a farmer of olden days looking at the sky. Growing weed just is not dropping seeds in your Mom’s Planter box in front of the house and let her water them and she let them grow 4 ft tall ,I didn’t do this my youngest brother did this. And my Mom knew what she was watering HAHA



Hmmm. If you have it in a pot or bag maybe put it in a styrofoam cooler and fill with mulch around it to keep the roots protected? I can’t remember who posted it above but building a hot house to cover it would help. Maybe put it close to your dryer’s outdoor vent area? Heat bricks in the oven and put them in the hot house? Locate them where they will get southern exposure?

That’s from another thread. Some pretty good ideas… @JaneQP


Well today I went out and looked ath western Grail in the box she has very small clear dots on some buds and we have lots of looks like sugar dusting on leaves also

I got a old shower curtain ready and have three tomatoes cages to lay curtain on and clips to keep it on Check the pictures below the box girl is moving along.

Looking great so far. Keep up the good work and happy growing. Cant wait to see your harvest

Ok I was outside checking on the bag Ladies I see two new growth branches on the one and the smallwer Skittles one is still hanging in there> To protect them I put stryofoam on one side and then four cat litter buckets filled with water for passive solar power to warm up during the day and release at night and with the curtain we have four nights in the mid 40’s tomorrow night but daytime in the high 70’s. I am the best hillbilly engineer around My Granddad taught me well. If he could see it he could build it . Any wise words thanks. Here’s a side note my wife and I have NEVER done this before and yesterday when I looked very closely and saw little clear drops of OH MY GOSH! I Hobbled into the house Hollering Like some darn
fool old man all excited I am. “Laura Dear we have Per-Lube on our Western Grail!” She calls Early Girl is growing up. OK OK BradsBudsMT we don’t get out much… It is fun to grow I am a better good veggie grower but with Green Point seeds and FFO Soil and Horse poop and Blood Meal Rain Water and Sunshine So a real question because We are clueless How long would you think we have before a harvest event might be near? We are at the ready with our Arthrsis Special Vivosun Bud and Flower trimmers with the Spring Action for cramped hands. Take care and where else can I ask these wonderful questions and have fun also.


Very young buds my guess is you are many and some more weeks from harvest. Hope the weather stays warm enough to go to the end. First time out looks good. If it turns to cold, frost is worse then cold, protect from direct frost. I left a plant until mid Nov last year to see what would happen. Still lived until it was just to much for it. Went through several frosts covered at night uncovered in morning.

Yeah My thoughts are that I have planned to cover in the coming cold nights Mid’ 40’s for 4-5 nights but the days go up to mid’70-low 80’s weird Canada weather coming down for a few days. But I have been looking at the outlook for OCT should be warm enough to get her done at least the big girl and even if the bag ladies produce a small amount that they made make which is more than we had in July I don’t see a hard frost till Nov. but we will be covering. What do you think about the Passive solar system ?? It might help a bit.

Nice. I like the litter buckets full of water. The water will help insulate even if it doesnt get much sun. As for your harvest, it depends on strain and other factors but they will usually be ready anywhere from 7 to 10 weeks from the beginning of the flower cycle. White PISTILS will change color to more of an orange and will recede back into buds. This is means its time to keep an eye on the TRICHOMES with a jewelers scope (loupe) or magnifying glass. Trichomes are the little drops of oh my gosh as you put it :laughing: love it. Keep up the good work and keep having fun with it.

The joy of our backyard it get FULL Sun from 1000 till end of day. southern exposed. and I hope that flowering started onw week ago so maybe just maybe everyone will make it with the time left. I wonder if the THC levels would still be high enough if we had to put hem by the 2nd week of Oct. I dont have a JL but my phone has Macro am I can get very close shots That’s why I was running around today like a moron!! No one told me this was work

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Don’t know about the passive system, Can’t hurt I’m not as concerned about cold as I am the frost. Not planning my harvest until mid to end Oct weather permitting. Weather sucked this year for growing Atlantic side US.

this here is pictures after 4 days of adjustment in the grow tent. The dark green monster is western grail and the smaller one is Skittle baby. I believe we have new grow leaves and thicker branches. They are about 10 weeks into veggie and I thought by OCT to switch over to 12/12 lights. They have grown since being in the tent.

when do I set up the net and I have moved them around and trained the plants to grown Horizontal to get more buds.

I’m not the best with scrog nets. I put mine up about 2 weeks before I flipped them to flower (12/12). I put the net right at the top of the canopy and let the plants grow past it by a few inches and started tucking and weaving the branches and stalks den into the net until all growth is about at the same level. Once I felt happy with my canopy I flipped them.