6weeks into flowering


My girls are almost to 6 weeks,
I am posting some pics, could use a little help in trying to see when ready to harvest.

Appreciate any advice


Its ways to go. Wait couple of weeks.


looking good. i hope i get there!


I would venture to say u have at least 3 weeks left.

Getting close


Once all the pistills start to go brown thats the time to start looking at the trichomes on the buds. Depending on what sort of high you wish to have, cloudy trichomes are at full potency , and will produce more of an uplifting high whereas amber trichomes will produce more of a body stoned couchlock type effect. As others have noted you still have some weeks to go yet. Be patient as the buds can really swell in size in the last few weeks of growth.


Be patient a little longer you are almost there. Like Mountain1 said watch for pistils to turn brown atleast 80-90 percent then watch trichomes for the type of high you want. I just harvested 2 plants with milky white with a little amber and it is great first time I have had smoke that gives a good buzz and still sort of gives you energy to do things


It’s nice to grow herb to your own tastes and expectations.
Definitely better than relying on someone else and dealing with the other stuff that goes with it.
Will be watching them closely, lol
Then dry them and then cure them.
Sooooo, longggg lol


The rewards are worth the wait