65k cfl? Someone help please

Is it ok to use 65k cfl for flowering?,
I’m starting flowering

You can, but yield won’t be the best. You want 2700k to 3500k for flowering


How big of a yield you think?

Too many variables. Like size of pot? Coco or soil or hydroponic? Nutrients? Lights?

@Camblam light will be the single most determining factor for yields. CFL won’t yield much, but it will produce a little if you want to keep growing with it.

You can actually get good yields with warm white CFL, but you need a LOT of them. 50 watts per square foot, so a 3 x 3 tent needs about 20 of the 23 watt type. They also need a good white reflector above them and the walls need to be reflective as well. CFLs have a limited number of times they will cycle on and off, so this works best with autos and a 24/0 light cycle.

Can you mix mh bulbs and cfl bulbs? @HornHead @dbrn32

If by mix you mean have them in your grow space at the same time, then yes. But you can’t just interchange them in the same base.

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