65 days in when to harvest ww autos

How does it look

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Not ready yet.

How much longer do you think I have 1 plant that was almost all brown hairs then it started growing white hairs again does that mean she went back into veg

Can you get a photo of the whole plant please?

It rained a little bit ago

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Here are all 4 of them

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You have plenty of time left. Autos do what they want, when they want. Its why I hate them so much since I prefer total control. There have been many posts about Autos going 16+ weeks before its done. The time frame once they started flowering.

They look healthy and happy. :+1::+1::+1:

Once the pistils have turned completely in, start monitoring the trichomes and harvest when its where you want it to be.


Thanks I love the advice I only do autos because I work a lot and don’t have enough time to learn


Looks like @MrPeat got you covered. The 4 auto skittlez I have from the same batch each a week apart are doing they’re own thing . The one closet to harvest is second out of 4, the 4th in line has caught #3. It definitely keeps things interesting :love_you_gesture:


Photos are a lot easier to grow in my personal opinion. You have time to correct Photos if there is a problem and or problems. Autos you don’t have that luxury. I have grown a few Autos and I just let them do their thing outside feeding nutrients and water. :+1::+1::+1:


Nice pile of firewood you got going there. Hard to tell from the pics what kind it is. Plants are looking good. Have they put on some weight since your last post?

Honestly we have had hard rain every day since June 8th I had to pull them indoors and about 2 weeks ago I had to start trimming due to a sign of mold but I’m still happy with the outcome better luck next time.