61 years old first time

What did I do over water or wrong soil? The girls are 9 days old…

Oh and it is Blue Dream auto…


Overwatering is the most common mistake among new growers. I use an eyedropper and add a few mls of water right at the base of the seedling. After a few weeks I start giving them a few ounces every other day. When transplanted to their forever homes they get a cup and a half of water per gallon of medium every other day or so with a good soak every week or so…

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Thank you I will not watering them for a few days


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Like @oldmarine said him had you cover

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Light intensity may be too low as well: you can pile soil up around the stems and bump your light up in power (or bring it closer).


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My light is 6" away and is led this is what the lux meter is?

Was if lowered to that height recently? The question is: if the light was that low with that lux reading (50% of mid day sunlight) why are the seedling so stretched out?
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I was more worried about the discoloring of the leafs and so small for 9 days old…I see a lot of pic that are a 2 weeks and are 3 times as big…thanks for all the help…

These are mine dropped in water on 1/1:

This is about what you’re looking for.


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Ok so mine are not that bad so far it was 1/5 in water I think I over watered them I lowered the light and put some dirt around them time will tell thanks a lot…

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@Dumb , welcome. What’s I the pots? Seedlings don’t need too hot of soil or too much water till they grow a root system. Planting in final sized pots works only if you can imagine, with your “minds eye”, the tiny delicate root system so as not to drown or over heat the roots. Also I think it helps to water in a circle an inch or more away from center so the roots have to seek the water. That is what they are programmed to do. This is a great place to get advice these folks know there stuff and are very helpful. Enjoy.

I heard you can’t transplant auto’s so I put organic medium on the outside and seedling medium in the center I am sure now that I over watered them I hope they make it…

@Dumb Welcome!! Coming up on 58 years old here. Quite a few older people here. I think you’ll like it. In addition to the great advice you’ve been given, try the search tool as well.

Just pop in a relevant keyword and let it hunt. I probably spent 75% of my free time for a good 2-3 weeks just catching up on technology changes… particularly lighting. I was an outdoor grow/HPS lighting guy back in the day. All of the new LED lights, feminized seeds, better fertilizers, etc. There’s still plenty of reading to do.


Update…not good today makes 3 weeks above ground here is everything I used…my water is well water with a pH of 7.3 to 7.5 I will not have pH down till Friday will they last? Or is it something else…oh the seeds are blue dream auto from ilgm…and I also just received my pH meter… please help my first girls make it thru these hard times

The last pic is 7" away for that reading for lux should I get distilled water?

Use vinegar to lower ph until the ph down comes in

Perfect I have that how much water should they get at one time and how often? They are 3gal pots I seen in another post he said a cup and a half per gal pot?

I’m not sure, and I don’t want to give you bad advice. You’ve got enough problems. Small plants in big pots can have problems if you over water. Plus you already have a ph problem in the soil.

Thank you Dr Woo I tried the vinegar that dropped it right down do you think I should give them a little drink of good stuff or let them dry? I gave them each 3 cup’s yesterday morning the bottom of the pot is damp…