61 Days, Still not flowering

• Pyramid Seeds — Auto Fresh Candy
• Soil: 2/1 FF Happy Frog, Perlite
• Sprouted in final 3.5 gal. pot 4/28 —Currently 61 days
• 18/6 light schedule
• 2 Modified 100 watt LED bulbs, 1 60 watt with globe on, daylight

Began feeding half nutes at week 4, now also doing half bloom — Miracle Grow Organic lines

Watering half gallon once a week (with nutes)

The plant looks healthy, strong, pliable leaves. Nice color. But, I’m looking at other grow diaries for this strain and feel like I should already have buds. Any thoughts? I’m in no rush and am totally fine just waiting it out. But this being my first grow I figured I might want to ask. But if anyone spots a problem I want to correct it as quick as I can.

Should I go 12/12 for a day or two to try and initiate flowering and then go back to 18/6? That’s the only thought I had. Again, totally fine waiting it out, too. I know they flower when they flower but wanted to be sure I wasn’t missing something else.

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Unfortunately autos flower when they want to. You could switch the lighting to 12/12 and help it along. That’s all you can do.

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If that’s all it is that’s totally fine with me. Dispersed grows in experiment and hope to have subsequent ones. But I’m not needing it to be harvested tomorrow. I have plenty of patience to wait for it, I just didn’t want to be missing something that could kill or greatly reduce my yield.

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In case anyone is wondering this is where I’m at. I decided to go 20/4 but ran into a few hiccups — we were showing our house to be sold and had to move the plants to a dark room a few times and had issues with my timer. But, all that’s smoothed out and she’s about two days in to the new light schedule. Still feeding half bloom nutes and half veg nutes. Thoughts?