61 days from germ and 35 days into flower auto

Planted auto gorilla glue. Growing indoors in 3x3 tent with coco 2000w Vivo led, bloom light only at 17-19 inches. Using General hydroponics nutrients. Average daily tent conditions are 77-82F 61-70% RH. It’s hot and humid here in southern US.
Currently, on day 61 since planting sprouted seed in initial container. Germed 6-2-21. Transplanted into 5gal smart pot with coco coir 3 weeks after germ. Additionally, today is day 35 of FLOWER. I attached best pics I could take using 30x magnifying glass. I am in NO rush to harvest this plant. I am new to cannabis and hydro growing, but am an experienced gardener and will patiently wait for best result. Maybe 10% of buds have Pistils that are beginning to curl/shrivel and gaining orange hue. At first I thought I’d baked them under to much light until I did some reading and inspected under magnifying glass. My eye is not trained to assess at this point how “milky” the trichomes are. Your website indicates this strain needs 56 days (8wks) of FLOWER to mature. Based on attached pics, do you think I’m in the ball park to let her mature for another three weeks before considering harvesting? Again, I’m on day 35 of flower so 21 days more would bring plant to 56 days of flower per data for this strain. You can make pics attached larger and also zoom in a little before image pixelates. Cell phone sure have come along way!!

Any feedback or advice is greatly appreciated, especially regarding knowing when to harvest. I’ve been pretty comfortable to this point and have enjoyed the experience.


Looking good. Leaf tips have a slight burn. You have a ways to go. They need to fatten up much more. I’d guess you’re a month out? Maybe less, maybe more.


10 minutes VERY well spent right here. :slight_smile:


I too was thinking a month at the very least…for your reference:

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You’re getting good advice.

The plant needs blue spectrum (veg light) as well to support its biological processes. I would run the light with both switches on during flowering.

The type of light that you have is weak and underpowered (there is no such thing as a 2000w LED, despite what the manufacturer says.) Actual wattage will be somewhere around 200 watts with both switches on. She’s going to need all of the light you can give her.


So I watched that video cygnus posted for the 5th time (not the first time it’s been posted somewhere) right?… Does anyone else notice how dude is checking sugar leaf trichomes? This seems contradictory to what I’ve actually found to be accurate

Yes, I did notice that as well. Also killed me how he kept chopping the tops off the plant haha

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Great point. By trade, I work with along of inverted voltage and was thinking about measuring actual output of my light rig…… but heck…. Figured I’d let the plant tell me instead of spending more money and going thru ridiculous formulas to measure out put…for my first grow for one plant. I have gone to both in past weeks but have hard time regulating heat in tent with all lights on…. Like I mentioned I live in hot and humid place and the only option I have is an unconditioned room for tent. Plants getting plenty of air flow and I’m militant about doors to room being closed. Plenty of fresh air though thankfully. I even got creative and rigged up a cooling contraption using Ice, mini fan and some evaporative cooling techniques…… works “ok” but I have to refill 2-3x’s a day went ambient temperature is above 85F outside. Is running JUST BLOOM light on hot days and BOTH on cooler days an option or is that going to piss my lady off!? Im the only guy in the house already so I’d like to keep the peace all around if I can!? :crazy_face:

Light is probably the single most important factor for a productive grow. If heat is a concern, then better quality LEDs put off less heat and a better quality/spectrum of light can help. Think (HLG, Chilled, Fluence, Bridgelux, or other models with Samsung LM301 series diodes.) Avoid the Amazon burples - those that put off a purple colored light.

Measuring true wattage is easy with one of these:

Awesome. I’ll check that out! What are your thoughts on going between bloom only and both on cooler days…. Till I can buy better led…. Will it confuse the plant🤪

It isn’t a matter of confusing the plant. Cannabis needs a lot of light. If cooling is a problem I would increase airflow. Bloom only isn’t really ever too good of an idea. Adequate light is very important for a healthy, productive plant.

Hey MWG!
Got the kill a watt meter and been playing with it. You were on the money! My Bestva 2000 puts out 400w when both switches are on. I have a cheap HOme Depot Intertek led I used for seedling. Attached pics to include data plate. It meters at 84w. If I use both Bestva and cheap light total wattage 480w +/-. Soooo, I totally get spending more $ for a cooler temp stronger light and will definitely start saving for it. I think my Q below is more academic than anything else, just saying.

There’s nothing I can do to tweak these china specials & only so much I can do to “supplement”their performance. So I was thinking about using both… Bestva with both switches and the intertek to cover as much wattage, lumens and light spectrum as possible. Having done a small amount of research, it looks like the incandescent equivalent to 84w led is around 330w. My logic is that more wattage at appropriate height is better for my weak setup at this point. Based on meter reading, using both fixtures would give me somewhere around 700-800w (if I’ve interpreted equivalent led wattage of 84w to standard incand bulb equivalent of 330w! see intertek plate pic for details,lumens etc.

Question: is my effort to use second light worth it, given I have to trust what data I have from manufactures OR could addition of intertek light create more variables that could stress plant or complicate/compromise the plants growth at this point? (I’m on 63 day from planting germed seed and 40day of flower for auto gorilla glue.) Maybe I should just use the Bestva and make best of situation with equipment Ive used to this point and start planning changes and better hardware in future???

I don’t trust any of the burple manufacturers. Any manufacturer who claims a 300W light is a 2000 watt light is not to be trusted.

Totally agree. I’ve worked in industry where spec plates especially from cheap brands whether overseas or domestic are totally incorrect and bs. Would you use the Intertek light or not at this point?

I’ve never heard of Intertek, and I’m pretty familiar with the industry.