61 day old OG Kush Auto

1st grow
Fox farms ocean forest & fox farms trio for fertilizer
3 gal fabric bags
2 x 4 x 60 Apollo tent
Went to 12/12 schedule three weeks ago
Light: 2000w Bestva LED
Flowering plant is Kush Auto 23" high, other plant in tent Is CBD 30:1.
Temps 78F and humidity 38%
Goals: plant survival and harvest for my own use

Feedback please?

From Nov 8:


Looks great!

@NewGirl. Looks pretty good. Plants looks healthy, nice color. Looks a bit lanky and stretched. Maybe some light adjustments for your next run. Adjusting lights down closer will get shorter node spacing and help bush out the plants for more yield. From what I can see looks good, I’m in the middle of my first completely indoor grow I’m an outdoor grower that ran into theft problems and had to change it up. Keep doing what your doing this is what I’m working with. 8 weeks from seed, started with 10 in a 4x5 tent. Sent 5 to my brother fir space

and now I’m working with the rest. 2 and a half weeks ago to now


@NewGirl, I would have to agree with both above plants looking good, maybe need to lower lights to tighten up node spacing