60x32x80 Tent Question

Hey guys new here and see a lot of recommendations on 4x2 tent lighting and pot size. However, I’m getting a 60x32x80 tent and trying Cinderella 99 and killer. Think a 5 gallon pot for each is overkill? Also the lighting I was looking at a SF2000 LED but it is recommended for a 4x2 tent tho. I’m planning a first grow for when I retire in a few months and just wanting a daytime energetic strain and a nighttime sedating strain. All input is appreciated, just trying to get the best bang for buck in this tent.

3 gallon would be more than adequate for that space.


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I’m not a tent user but I have 3 of the same lights & grow 10-12 plants in an extra bathroom. That totally works in veg for me & when they go to flower I cover the walls halfway down with Mylar sheets. (Well before they get too big).
The reflection is so good light gets into them at all angles. Good Luck :+1: :green_heart:


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For your bucket size, are you growing auto flowers or photo period?
If autos then a 3 gallon pot will be enough, also remember to start out in your final pot.
If photos then I would suggest a 5 gallon or higher. You can transplant to larger pots as it increases in size.

For your lighting, I would suggest something from Mars Hydro. This light would do well in your space, TSL series.


Thanks guys for the feedback. I plan on doing photo with the mesh bags. I’m hoping that I can fill the tent with just two plants.

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So I will seconded if you go photos 5 gallon pot, Lighting is always a dangerous topic, I would suggest try to go with name brand components, Samsung 301 dios, and Meanwell driver, spiderfarm uses these components and a lot of people grow with that light and have great success. If you are up for a little project, I would say take a look at the HLG, few more dollars, these light are more efficient, but you are splitting hairs. Ton of people of this forum could help you assemble also they have YouTube’s videos to help. Just an option. But like said the sf-2000 would work as well. And if you ever want to add another plant later on it should be able to handle that aswell. HLG has great customer service, and offers many discounts so that $ could go down. Something maybe to look in to