600W LED Distance for Growing(New Grower)


I feel u man. I’ve returned 3 different led to Amazon. Finally got tired of it and just went with a 600 that pulls 240 from wall. A UFO that pulls 50 and a morsen that pulls 80. First time growing indoor for me. Lighting has given me trouble


To get a update and a proper endcap to this thread I’m happy to announce that my grow box is set up and is working with no hiccups and that my first 2 babies have just sprouted and with any luck will stay healthy as i monitor the situation. I promised pics of my grow box but I’ll save the pictures of that for when I compile my notes for my grow journal and put those there but heres a pic of the up and comers. Thank you all again for your constant support and wisdom and I hope I can continue to learn and grow(literally and figuratively) as time move forward.


If the hanging rod you are planning on using is hollow, slip a length of appropriate diameter wooden dowel inside it before you mount . It will double the strength at least. The last thing you want is broken equiptment and plants , or worse a fire . Lights with inbuilt ballasts can be very heavy, best to get this right from the start. I am happy you have everything else set up and ready to go and your seeds have sprouted successfully. Wishing you a great grow