600W LED Distance for Growing(New Grower)


There you go @AvarisParadox, the LEC are the new CMH I think and hope that is accurate for you.


I’m not sure which light is in question? But the actual amount of par per watt of I’ll call the typical amazon fixture is about the same as a standard hps bulb. There are some differences in performance of the light spectrum produced, but as far as they measure or test, a blurple amazon fixture that draws 250 watts at the wall has about the same amount of par as a 250 watt hps.

A lot of those equivalency numbers are very exaggerated for sure! For comparison the photon efficacy of those is about 1.2 umols per joule. The Phillips green power 3100k 315 cmh tests out at around 1.9 umol per joule. There’s only a handful of leds that test out ahead of that, and they’re all fairly pricey. But you would be looking at stuff using cxb2590, bridgelux vero, citi clu’s, luminous cxm and chm, or pcb’s using Samsung or nichia mid powers.


@AvarisParadox this is our very own light person who really knows what he is talking about @dbrn32 thanks for your support mate :v:️.


@Johnzy81 Johnyz81 I can tell, well that being said @dbrn32 dbrn32 could you give a recommendation given my grow size and plant number?
Was scoping around Amazon at the LEC options would https://www.amazon.com/Sun-System-Grow-Lights-Hydroponic/dp/B00YT0QLBE/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1525405274&sr=8-3&keywords=lec+grow+lights be appropriate for my area and my plant numbers? Thank you all again for you insight and please if there is a light system you have a link that you would recommend for please let me know.


That is the one’s @AvarisParadox but I think the 3100k bulb is more effective @dbrn32 will definitely help you out with that mate just give him some time to get back to you :+1:. I’m all out of likes again.


@Johnzy81 Will do thanks again.


You are more than welcome mate good luck any questions just ask away bud :+1:.


Lec and cmh both refer to the same lamp. The acronyms are light emitting ceramic and ceramic metal halide.

3’x4’ is your space correct? The 315 model is recommended flowering for 3’x3’. In my opinion would be your best bet. The other models just a little too big for that space. I would suggest trying the 315 for a grow or two. If you feel like it’s a little light on coverage, look at installing it onto a mover. It will be cheaper and a lot easier to work with than the 630 model in that space. I would also recommend the 3100k bulb, the Phillips specifically.


No likes left @dbrn32 mate, thanks for your support and advice with another new grower. I updated my thread also after all that happened they are all doing well again, but as for yield and potency, I will have to wait and see what happens at the end. Honestly mate I’m just doing day by day at the moment.


I never have likes, don’t sweat it. As far as the other stuff, glad it’s looking better. And day by day is all any of us can do.


I was in the process of responding to @dbrn32 only to find that I couldn’t reply for 21hrs since my account is new. I can adjust the size since i was waiting for the rest of the supplies to arrive before i went to purchase and construct the frame for the box. Ironically I’ve kinda already worked a pseudo moving bar into the design of the space so that works out well.


Hello again everyone I have all of my components ready and I will be starting my grow journal soon. Now I just need a general guideline for how far from my germinating seeds that this light(Sun System Grow Lights - LEC 315W | 208/240V | 3100K Lamp) should be from them and whether the back of the hand method is a good measurement for when they start to sprout


I would start high and lower when they get older. Maybe 36" when they sprout and work your way down to 18"-24" throughout the veg cycle. Just make sure that when you get down closer, that the heat coming off the top is okay for your canopy. Everyone’s grow conditions are going to be slightly different so if you see any negative effects of being too close, back it off like 3-6".
@Donaldj should be able to answer a more precise answer


There are also some people who stick it at the top of their tent and leave it so.


Gotcha thanks for the guidelines I’ll reach out to @Donaldj if I have any issues.


Welcome to the 315 club :wink: the UV off the CMH/LEC bulb is very strong so you want to let your plant adjust to it by starting 20-36" away and gradually dropping towards them as they get used to it or start to stretch


Thanks for dropping in and sharing your insight, I can’t start yet due to my light mounting option being a bust but once thats situated I should be golden.


What are you using to mount?


If you need some help throw a couple pics up. I’m sure once we have an idea of what you’re doing one of us will come up something.


@Aolelon I was going to use a tension based closet rod since for all intents and purposes the grow zone is a closet but the bar couldn’t hold the weight, I’ve got another heavy duty rod thats made for holding weight and a pair of adjustable heavy duty rope hangars from Sun Systems to make sure that the ballast on the light is level. @dbrn32 I’ll throw up some pics soon.