600 watts Versus 1000 watts

My question is , I have a 10 by
14 grow room 7 foot high and want to put 4
lights in it. Other than the electric
bill, would there be any benefits to
run 4 600 watt HPS lights rather than
running 4 1000 watt HPS lights ?

600 watts HPS are more efficient per watt in the amount of light they put out, in other words, even though 1000 watt is almost twice as much power you do not get the equivalent increase in usable light by the plants. Don’t get me wrong, 1000 watts will produce more light than a 600 watt, it just isn’t as efficient. Using 6 x 600 watt HPS might give you more light or about the same amount of light with less power usage. So I guess the simple answer is, no, there is no benefit using 600 watts other than less electricity used and maybe less heat produced, but obviously there will be less light produced as well.

I agree totally; Running 1000 watt lamps instead of 600 watt lamps give you more lumens; Despite being a bit less efficient.

Hello fellow growers “Will” here, My grow tent is 76x76x76 I have 20 ladies in there and I am using 2 1000 watt bulbs. It’s not that bad as far as electric bill go’s. It’s the heat that they generate. I had to buy a stand up fan to help in moving out the heat . I have two 6" fans sucking the heat out Temp runs around 90 degree’s down from 105 degree’s Now I did get the heat down on those day’s that got hot. I hope that they didn’t get to stressed out. DO YOU ALL THINK THAT THEY WILL BE OK?
Here is a pic of the ladies. Notice the new growth it was about 2-4 days after switching to 12/12 that this happened and they have taken off and they have shot up in height by 4-5 inch’s in 10 days of 12/12 awesome.
I will keep you all posted.


I always like to think about what might happen to the plants in their natural surrounding out in nature. Sativas are often grown in very warm ares that easily get to temps over 105F in the summer, like central Mexico, Columbia, and Africa. Even a lot of more northern grown Indicas are grown in high altitude areas that can still get very hot in the summers, like Afghanistan, and many areas in India get quite hot. So if the temperature change hasn’t been too great too fast and the plants aren’t showing any stress, drooping, looking shocked and kind of wilted, they should be fine.

They do get looking like that, but i give them a good dose of water and they spring back with-n couple of hour’s.

Thanks again Stoner…P.S Are we going to get graded on our grows?


Droopiness between watering is normal, just don’t let them get too dry or too droopy too often.