600 watt too much?


A question from a fellow grower:

Fifth week flowering … growing in soil, 600 w HPS
Upper leaves are green (they were yellowing and crumpling - now they are green but still crumpling). I used some mag and zinc. I’m now just trying to keep the upper leaves hydrated on this purple querkle. It seems to be doing OK, otherwise but the leaves keep drying out. Light is 18" over plant and right at the top is not hot, just warm. What do you figure? I can’t imagine the plant will keep producing buds without leaves if most of them dry out and roll up. Also have two Blue Dreams doing very well (a little drying but not bad). So … I wonder, is 600 W too much for 3 plants? Maybe 450 or 300 watts is better?


Sounds like you have a digital lamp similar to mine.

I can think of 2 choices for you.

  1. Raise the ;amp another 6"

  2. Switch down to 75%, or 450 as stated above.

That the best I can do with such little information about your environment, and room size. If you copy/paste a “ILGM Support Ticket” We will be glad to look it over. :slight_smile: