60 year old rookies first journal

AK 47 autos are killing it…
I will be adding another Unknown, a White Widow and if it ever pops a Bubblegum to this journal while we watch the AK girls bloom…


AK47 Autos update. Ladies are smelling awesome. Super sticky.


Unknowns about ready to harvest.
Clear trichomes turning cloudy fast with the best aroma coming from tent. Drying plants separately to isolate smell. Hopefully it will help to identify. Burned some of the small trim budlets and it was tasty and a good mellow.


Looks amazing!!!

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You’re making beautiful ladies, sir!

Had to chop the little one down. Stopped drinking and roots were not looking good. Didnt want to lose anything the rot or anything else.

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Dryed fast,maybe way too soon
Up side, it smells awesome and super sticky but airy buds.

Here is the other Unknown girl, now alone but looking ready. Any thoughts on if I should harvest yet?

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Not quite milky enough for my taste. They seem pretty clear still in this pic.

Figured a way to get a better close-up and can see it now.
Leaves have started turning a dark purplish black