60 year old rookies first journal

Here are todays pics of AK47 Autos


Hell yeah. You did good. Now you’ll know where to raise them as they grow. Also when you flip to 12’s (assuming these are photos) then you’ll be able to reassess the DLI properly.

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Todays pics
“Unknowns” in day 67 no signs of flowering yet but loving the lights.
AK47 autos day day 16 also loving the lights


Looks like she is building tops…nice

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Todays pics

Ak47 Autos


Todays pics 11/23/22
Unknowns looking good

AK47 Autos

Unknowns are starting to drink up about 2 gallons every 3 days.
AK’s looking like im getting ready to sprout cabbage.

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I just noticed the dates on my AKs they were popped on 11/03/22 not 10/03/22

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Todays pics AK47 Autos day 26

Unkowns still bushing out. Week 10 of grow.

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This stem is about 3/4 in diameter on one of the Unknowns. 3 times as thick then the others.The top is not pushing up, just clumping.

Should I remove it?

I said stem but meant branch.