60 year old rookies first journal

First ILGM AK47 autos.
Days 1&2 out of paper towel in a shot glass. Looking good so far

9 days in tent. Still looking good.


Looks like a you are on your way. Make sure you keep us updated


I’d like to tag along if that’s ok… :blush: I’ll be quiet… ok, maybe not hahaha


Thanks, Weekly if not sooner.


No problem. Follow along…


Im adding this other unknown grow I started back on the 22nd of August to my journal. I have the pics posted on First time growers as well.

9/22/22 germ date pics are from 9/25

Around 10/11/22


10/21/22 vegging out fast

10/27/22 moved into 4x4x80 flower tent.

11/07/22 exploding solar panels on one of the plants

Trunks are fattening up. 11/10/22

11/13/22 still no idea what strains they are or if Im doing it right other than reading on here and following Heavy 16 nute schedule. Any advise at this point would be deeply appreciated. These are my meds and prices are to high to buy anymore.


Looking excellent my fellow “rookie”. Never did hydo, but looks like you are doing something right. What can you tell us about your set up


Vivosun DWC set up. Pretty much my whole set up is Vivosun,light ,charcoal filters fans, timers and my 4x4x80 tent. The veg tent was given to me by a friend 2x4x60 but the light and everthing else is vivosun.
Other than that I mostly read at what Im doing or not doing right.
Not sure about Scrog or Sog or even how to do it. Hung the net for support if and when we start to flower. Smells good in there anyways.


Increased the wattage to 400 until I can afford more. USING VS3000 & VS1000 in flower tent and 2 VS 1000’ in veg tent. Been told I need more wattage but it will have to wait. Plant seen to love what Im giving them for now.


Those young ladies definitely look happy! Following

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I use my scrog for support and to help spread out the tops so they all get light. Looks like you are going to have a full tent

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Thank you

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A couple more photos of the Unknown and the AK47 Autos in germ/veg tent

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I think you’ll have enough light power with those lights in a 4x4 for now. Do you have a way to measure your ppfd or DLI? This will be very beneficial in flower.

Nope and have no idea what you mean. Probably should look it up.

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Looked it up andcwill have to read more on it to understand what Im looking for.

Todays pics, Day 14

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You can download photon app or another app that measures DLI or PPFD. The PPFD is the amount of light your lights are generating right now. DLI is a way of measuring the amount of this light your plants are getting over a set amount of time. This is pretty important. Keeps you from just guessing how high or low to set your lights distance and intensity.

Thanks again, its all new to me and trying to do it right.

Ok I downloaded app and set my lights for a 35 to 40 DLI. Had to play with it since Im using 2 different dize lights. But with the overlap it rises in the center and tapers off on the outer edges. In range from what I read.
Todays pics of Unknown strains

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