6 weeks flower what's happening?

So all has been going well for most of the grow but now I am seeing lots of deficiency and buddy growth isn’t very fast. I am on week 6 of flower my daytime high is 77 and night low is 68 humidity is 35-45% ph is between 5.9-6.1 growing in 3 gallon fabric pots with 60/40 coco Perlite. I am feeding 800 ppm right now. Worried to go higher ppm cause almost all leaf tips are burnt and curling up. I am also getting alot of dark splotches on the leaves now.

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Are you using calmag?

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Strikes me as

being 6 weeks into flower she wants P to harden up buds and ripen a bloom booster with a high PK low N is what I would recommend but don’t expect damaged leaves to recover because all fixing problem will do is reduce more happening


Yeah I have been using cal mag on and off. I was using every feeding in Veg but I was using Advanced nutrient grow micro and bloom for veg and I noticed a constant need for calmag. When she started flowering I ended up switching over to GH cocotek bloom a&b and I cut back on calmag to see if the coco specific fertilizer would be able to provide enough and for the most part it has done well I add cal mag every so often still.

I had been wondering if it was phosphorus. I have been feeding pk13/14 this last week but I have been keeping my ppm lower because of the burnt leaf tips. I was worried I was over feeding so I just kept running 800 ppm but tonight is feeding so I will try 1000ppm and see if that helps. I have noticed the tops of the plant are turning light green/yellowish. I’ll post a pic of the curling leaf tips.

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Watered with 1150 ppm have her bloom a&b and also pk 13/14 now to see if she gets better

Since you are growing in coco and no soil (soil less grow), this is basically the same as a hydro grow. The pH range may be your problem. What is the run-off after watering? I assume that the pH listed was when you watered. The leaf tips look like pH burn.


My ph I posted it run off. It’s normally runoff 5.9-6.1

Well I am stumped right now on this one she doesn’t seem to be getting any better even tho I have upped her phosphorus and just general ppm. I am seeing a lot more yellowing on the upper leaves in the buds. I am not really sure what to I am thinking about flushing the coco and then feeding her. I am just not sure if I should feed with cal mag epsom salt and pk 13/14 or if I should use my regular feeding

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It could possibly be ?

or even simple N def you are almost 7 weeks into flowering your lady could even be root bound at this point?

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I was wondering that to. I think I am gonna just run a bunch of ph’d water through her and clean her roots out then start fresh with nutes. Ya i was thinking that she is pretty far to and nitrogen could be the problem but the problem started at week 4-5 just been barely keeping it from getting worse. Ya she could be root bound but I am using smart pots and I thought it was supposed to prevent that…

The smart pots reduce it but in order to have certain size plant above ground roots need nearly equal mass below smart pots root prune keeping roots from circling and binding on each other but your roots can still get to a point where they have little to no space

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OK makes sense. Well I hope she can be happier for a few more weeks lol. She isn’t showing signs of finishing anytime soon. Thanks a bunch for the information!!

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I plant in no less than 5 gal smart pots which hold roughly 3-4 gal soil for a plant 3-4ft tall and thinned prior to flower anything bigger I go to 7 gal bigger roots bigger fruits :wink:
My mother plants are kept small thinned often and at sign of root binding I root prune and re-pot but I use the pot size to regulate the plant size.

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Good to know. I figured cause it was an auto it wouldn’t get as big as a photo so it would be OK in a 3 gallon but next time I grow this Strain it will be in a 5 gallon lol. I have wondered how people keep a healthy mother for so long without root issues. That’s a good saying to go by :slight_smile: I hope I can grow a couple autos outside this year and give them all the root space they want.

lol much like Bonsai trees that’s how you grow mothers slow and steady no pumping the nutes to them just enough to keep them happy less light lots of pruning. You don’t want or need them growing fast

Fair enough lol I will be leaving mothers alone for a while lol. I had a bonsai tree once. It lasted a whole month before I killed it. I don’t have much luck when it comes to plants. Even growing bamboo was difficult for me lol

Well I flushed her out yesterday and gave a feeding of regular nutes pk 13/14 super thrive and epsom salts. I have been looking more into the deficiencies since I seen her in the tub yesterday and got a good view of her and it is seeming like it was a combination of potassium and phosphorus deficiency. Maybe a bit of magnesium to. After the flush now she is really perked up. I think the mistake I made was I cut down on my feeding because the runoff ppm kept climbing to unreadable numbers with my tester so I was scared I would burn her. When I notice that she was back within range and eating everything I could feed her she started to show problems but I put it off to salts in the coco from the “overfeeding” lesson learnt.