6 week White widow Auto update (first tent grow)

what do you guys think? this is my first try in a tent, powered by 2x viparspectra 600W LED, simple oscillating fan and 6 inch exhaust fan, no need for carbon filter as I live rural, feeding biobizz grow and bloom.IMG_0628 IMG_0627 IMG_0626

These WWA’s have been a treat, have had nearly zero issues with them, just finishing week 6, halfway there, hoping they dont get much taller as theyre really pushing their space limits in this tent. I love all the support and guidance this site has to offer.


WW will almost grow its self. It is my fave to grow. They look nice man.

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thanks dude. yea im almost suspicious of how easy theyve been and now wondering if ill ever buy anything else, lol I have some OG kush AF on the way im hoping theyre as easy

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