6 week old plants / updated pictures and spots / please look at picture for a possible issue on the leaves

Hello, I am on my first grow! Things seem to be going great , I am following Robert’s guide to the letter.

I have had some seeds germinate and turn into sprouts beautifully.I used jiffy pellets for germination and sprouting. I just planted them in my large 5 gallon pots a few days ago. I am currently using Fox Farms ocean soil with no added nutrients at all.

One gorilla glue. One blue dream and one mk ultra

Only the mk ultra has this slight leave issue.

I have added nothing to the plants other than pure distilled water.

When I looked very closely at my plant today I could see the tiniest amount of brown on two of the leaves. Can you folks look at this picture and give me an opinion if there’s anything wrong?

When I replanted them, I put them underneath my HLG 260 LED grow light and the light is approximately 2 foot above the leaves

Strain; Type, Bag seed, or NA. Mk ultra seed

Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco? Soil fox farms ocean
System type?

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? 6

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS. No nutrients, distilled water only

Indoor or Outdoor
Light system, size? HLG 260

Temps; Day, Night. 84 day / 75 after lights go out

Humidity; Day, Night. 52-59%

Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size. Yes, 4” inline fan…180 cfm

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, room is climate controlled to around 74 degrees.

Co2; Yes, No. no


So you are taking distilled water and pHing it down to 6.0? Or just adding distilled water and getting a runoff of 6.0?

The experts will weigh in, but I think using distilled water straight up may be an issue, maybe a lack of calcium or magnesium. Also fox farms is hot and have seen some folks deal with a little nute burn early on.


Straight ph of the distilled water is around 6.29…runoff is measured at around 6.4.

In FFOF soil you want your ph between 6.3-6.8. Once you get your ph back in range, your plants can start taking in available nutrients again :v::bear:


Have you dimmed the HLG260?

I just started running those lights a few days ago and they are BRIGHT - especially at full tilt. It may be too much for them at this stage. Or at least that one? :man_shrugging:

I’ll tag in some folks.

@dbrn32 @MAXHeadRoom @Covertgrower


I’m thinking a calcium kick out. Distilled water is pretty much stripped of all ppms. Are you using calmag yet??


Also, that tent is going to be jam packed in a couple months.

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is there a particular reason that you are using distilled water instead of tap water? I have well water with a decent pH of 8 and ppm of 180. It has stuff like calcium and other goodies so I don’t have to supplement with cal mag. With distilled water I think you need to calmag. I recall someone else maybe using distilled water or RO water, which is close, and adding cal mag, then pHing to 6.5 ph for fox farm soil.

Also do you have a TDS digital meter?

I would agree that you should probably have light dimmed a decent amount at that height while your plants are so young. Otherwise I believe the others have you set on a solid path.


Definitely will need some cal-mag if you’re using distilled water. Be sure to dim tbe fixture for young plants. @xrayengineer


Hello everyone, thank you for the responses.

The only reason I’m using distilled water is I have two options at my house. One is straight from the city water supply which is very hard and and high parts per million. The other is out of my water softener that uses salt. Here are the specs for the samples I just took and measured.

Also I just turned the light intensity down to minimum, which appear to knock about half the intensity off.

Tap water no water softener pH 7.8 for TDS 628 ppm

From the water softener pH 7.6 for TDS 802 ppm

Runoff from the plants using distilled water pH 6.07

I would much rather use my regular tapwater with no water softener, but is the parts per million to high to use liquid nutrients?


No, it’s just fine. You just have allow the water to sit out for 24 hours so that the chlorine has evaporated off. Check the TDS again, and I’ll bet it’s less…
TDS in water is just fine. Just make sure when checking your tds values and account for what’s already in it when measuring.
Calcium and lime are naturally occurring elements that are helpful to plants. More than likely there’s a lot of that In there.


I like @Covertgrower s plan, let it sit and see what less chlorine results in for a TDS.


Also my ph goes down once i put my nutes in.

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Good morning folks,

A few updates…
I filled a bucket with tap water and let it sit for 36 hours…the TDS possibly went down to around 610 ppm. The plants were ready for water yesterday so I used the TAP water instead of the usual distilled water and watered them all.

The plants look wonderful after turning the light intensity down to the minimum. The temps inside the tent dropped to around 77 with the lights on.

I only have 3 Cannabis plants in the tent. The others are Basil, Cilantro, Jalapeno peppers, Oregano. I hope they will co-exist when they get larger. Everything was started from seed at the same time except the oregano which is a few weeks ahead!
. If the tent gets too full, I will move the cooking herb plants elsewhere!

The leaves that had brown tinges are now at the bottom of the plant with all new leaves coming out in the last few days. Should I cut these leave off or just leave them alone? There are only two on each plant that are a little brown.

Should I continue using the Tap water over the distilled?
I was not planning on adding any liquid nutrients until the plants are around a month old.

Thank you for the great assistance…I have uploaded several pictures from this morning. Enjoy!


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Glad to hear things are progressing well. I would not yet remove the slightly damaged leaves from the plant. They can still photosynthesize and will provide value to the plant and its roots. As the plant gets bigger, you can consider removing them if the plant doesn’t do it itself.

As far as the tap water goes, I would continue to try it out. Eventually your plant is going to be established in that pot and you will be able to water to runoff. When you measure the ppms of the runoff, you want to watch it to make sure it’s not climbing. FFOF is loaded to begin with so the ppms will high already, but if it starts climbing over 2500ppms, then it could present an issue to the plants.

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I agree that I wouldn’t take any leaves off yet. I would also be very watchful of your plants when using tap water with that high of ppms. Is that from a well? If using tap water when feeding, I’d start at half strength once your plant is a little bigger and not for 4-6 weeks if using FFOF soil :v::bear:

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Hi folks, update here. The plants are around 6 weeks old and growing like “weeds” pardon the pun. Just today I noticed some leaves with yellow brown tips . Also the new leaves on top are very light colored. I wanted to post a few pictures in case there are any serious issues.

Up until recently the plants have continued to get ONLY distilled water with CalMag…week solution 1ml per gallon of water.
Approximatley a week ago I watered a few times with my tap water at home. My tap water has a PH of around 8.3 so I ph down the water to around 6.

1 week ago I also added the first liquid nutrients GENERAL HYDROPONICS FLORANOVA grow. I gave 1/5 of the amount on the label…I gave 1ml per gallon instead of the 5ml per gallon recommened for early growth. I watered until overflow, and the runoff was around 6.0 ph. Since then only regular ph adjusted tap water since then.

Additionally, I increased the intensity of the light to about halfway on the adjustment screw.

Please give any thoughts on the yellow leaves…I dont know if this was a nute burn or a nute deficiency.

Thank you!

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Your runoff ph is a little low, next time go in higher to try and bring your root zone up a little. I would let them dry out and water thoroughly with lots of runoff and collect ph and tds data. You’re showing some claw from excess nitrogen, probably from adding calmag early.


Thank you, I did this exactly today.