6 week old. Confused about the sex of my plants

Any pictures of a male and a female plant at 6 weeks would help

Do you have any pics of your plant?

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Nice illustration!

Got any photos? Are they photoperiod or autoflowering? Have u set timers to 12-12?

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Male :frowning:

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So should I pull it up away from my other plants

Yes get it far away as possible. I’ve never had one but I’ve read a lot and you need to kill it or get it out of the state to be safe for your girls

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@PurpNGold74 @Deke @Beezy745

It’s gone now

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Good job

I get likes back then poof! Lol :+1::+1::+1:
@WackyRacky101 sorry man it happens. Future reference you should carefully put a bag over the male plant, chop it and tie the bag tight as ish! It’s just incase some pollen sacks are open and doesn’t spread to your ladies.

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Yeah what he said

Yup. Quarantine. Chop. Sanitize