6 strains of fun

Cool man good job brother I watched start to finish more or less enjoy
Wo could you of used something else more effectively then your individual screens you made

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I don’t think i could of used anything better because I need to have the ability to be able to take them to the bathtub and flush i have done a full screen for 12 plants and the two in the middle had a imbalance and had to cut the net every where to hget to them.
I could of topped the tip of the buds to make them fatten up more and topped another time also my ph pen wouldn’t hold calibration and i got a good on now and that set me back some weight to. I have flower kiss folliar feed that i didn’t try either. These strains were all new to me this time and knowing that the blue dream double it’s size by 1 1/2 let’s me know to flower earlier with it too. I need a long reaching pair of scissors to trim the little popcorn buds that grow under everything in the middle so i wont be knocking trichomes off while trimming or getting rid of dead leaves or to let light get on the lower buds. I’m sure there’s probably a couple more things i can do to get more weight that I’m forgetting about but and also with mandatory over time i was off my feed and water schedule a little here and there I’m sure it set me back a little bit to but i still have 4 more plants to go sugar black rose looks insane right now will post more pictures when I chop it. The 2 spike on the stalk and the ice baths really worked very nice thanks @raustin for that information :muscle::muscle::hugs::hugs::hugs:


Gotta try that final stressing because this run I couldnt get on to the next round fast enough from bud rot and heat took a role on smell taste and weight so I emptied a closet and have more watts now then before in about same footage 800hps in a3 x 4 and 550hps in 2x4 I have a whole nother 400 just need another ballast cant wait to have atleast 800 in eachoh and I’m gonna go with these I think they would work for you amd little less cumbersome

@hangthebanksters gets bad ass results with em and perfect for my kind of training since I’m all opened up to the outside of the bucketsee how they would he perfect…

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I have used those before i got better results using a thick net to spread them out and it’s less tying you have to do when they all fill out that is with 6 plants in a 4x4x6 grow tent

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I should also mention that grow with them outside opens up a indica like a blooming onion and guerilla growing up in the trees to

Your talking about the things I’m talking about or your nets

Your tomatoe cages

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Last time I had 18 inch colas on this strain …and there all cloned off same plant so I had buds completly bent over doing a 180

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O.k. new pictures of the final 4 left in the tent


Sugar black rose pictures just got the microscope to phone attachments last night tried to capture a good picture of the trichomes on this one

20190115_175113 20190115_174502 20190115_174414 20190115_174233


Looks like the forecast. Frosty.


@GreenCoat i don’t know if you can see the gold trichomes very well in those pictures but my loupe shows them pretty well i hope this kind of gives you a better idea of what i was talking about earlier

I seen the slitting on stems done on YouTube never got the courage up to try it tho they get a clean sterilized scalpel blade slice about 1nch in length open it up with a Biro pen or pencil then tape up.either side, I’m to scared of going strait through the plant not got.best steady hand in the world

so you think the ice trick bringing more triclones

In my opinion slitting is difficult so I’ve done as some on here and drill a few holes at base of plant then stick a pair of chopsticks in holes. Much safer for me and the plant. Does same thing.


thanks I might give it a go how far from harvest would you suggest to do this

Use a drill and ice baths really worked very well i have seen people kill their plants with a scalpel by pushing it in and going down at the same time and all the sudden it gives and tou just cut your stalk in half and the plant fell and broke the other side kinda like when you try and open a tough bag of chips and it gives and the whole bag opens and chips go every where plus my stalks look like wood it was way easier to drill it for me anyway


yeah I like to try this not sure how long before I plan to harvest I would do this any tips you have would be grateful for I only switched 2 weeks ago so a bit to go yet

I like to drill spike when the trichomes are about 70 or 80% cloudy this is early enough to catch the weight phase when your 20 gram buds turn into 60 gram rocks and you get a good problem of having to tie everything up because your buds just explode especially in the last 2 weeks


I would recommend dipping your drill bit in 91% rubbing alcohol and go North to south one hole and go up a inch and go east to west for the second hole have a pair of pliers to help push what ever through the hole and the drill bit should be a little smaller than whatever you are going to spike with

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