6 strains of fun


Wow all those plants look awesome! They’re so big and beefy. That sugar black rose is a beautiful plant I can’t get over the shape of it. Nice job well done!


Did some tying up and some misting and some moving around so here is some pictures of the whole group



That’s quite the stack of bud you’ve got in your tent! Harvest time is going to be mighty busy… in a very good way. :star_struck:


What’s your tent size again and how many watts you pulling total good job by the way


My tent is 4x4x6 and I’m running 2 600w mh and hps lights i have 2 600w hps 2000k bulbs in there right now 1200 watts all together


That’ll do bout to re purpose my 4x 4 closet since the old lady moved out :slight_smile:


2x4 scrog 1 plant 1x 400watt hps …should be a good little side producer … will take a little longer but it will be nice having diff flower rooms


Man I was waiting for Tarzan to come flying down one of them pictures LOL that is a serious jungle in there. That one has a cola as tall as your carbon filter! Holy crap :wink:. Nice man, very nice!


Omg i had to tye up more branches they grew some more and kinda have some fox tail action im in day 68 of flower the light gold trichomes are turning a good yellow gold i should be able to harvest 3 of them this weekend


Looks like stalks of corn :corn: looks great


:heart_eyes: + 9 more characters


Has anyone ever taken harvest at the different levels of tricomes from the same plant and tested the smoke. If so what was your opinion on them…?



I have the clear give you a 20min buzz and then tapers off. The milky white last a long time and then with 30 % golden it’s a elevator ride and then it hits you hard at the 10th floor and your legs will shake or wobbly and you need 2 hands to drink a glass of water


Which did you prefer?


I dont smokek weed just for the flavor Joe :wink:


I like the gold trichomes at 30% myself and it last for like 5 or 6 hours


Do you have a clear microscope view of 30% I could use as a reference ?


How much do you mist so late in flower … And what do you implement to feel confident of no Bud rot?

The reason I ask is I would like to implement something similar


Man those all look beautiful! Nice job :wink: