6 strains of fun


Nicely done! That’ll give you results.


I’ve seen much more drastic splits on bigger plants do you think smaller plant smaller spike /split…this dude I saw did a 10 inch slit with a big knife…stuck the knife in an gently hammered it down shot 10 inches but before he wrapped string above and below the slice area…he would move the knife 3 spots twist it and insert a spike with a total of 3 spikes completly separating the stem for about 9+ inches was a 1 inch thick stem …do you have any non spiked plants you can compare to or are you just doing a routine thing you got going on


On big splits like that i have seen them go very bad with infection and some times kill the whole plant. I didn’t spike the stalk on my blue dream or the acupaco gold they don’t have any gold specks yet and are still show alot of clear and cloudy trichomes. Yes I know that usually with big splits you cut the plant down in 3 days i do toothpicks and a drill a then 7 to 10 days later i will harvest.


I have that same meter its GREAT


Hey there

At what stage should ice be implemented?


You can add ice when you put the plant into its dark period a few days before harvest.


Sorry for not keeping up with journal but holiday season and mandatory over time has it’s way.I am close to harvest of at least 2 plants starting to flush them tonight. The clones look really good except one i think is not going to make it. I had a very bad problem over the weekend a drunk driver hit the power line pole and literally broke it it was laying on a neighbor’s house and the engine was in the front seat and it was 15 degrees outside and every one had no power for about 7 hours so i had no heat for most of Saturday morning and afternoon everything was laying down and droopy the clones all bent over to. They only got 3 hours of light and the temperature in the house was 47 degrees im surprised that they bounced back but the leaves are curling and tacoed here and there and i got some black spots on leaves and alot more yellow leaves to which kinda sucks because im at the end of the grow i hope it doesn’t mess up the quality of the buds i will post more pictures tonight and try and remove any leaves that are more than 3/4 yellow


Yet another reason why people shouldn’t drink and drive!

Sorry to hear about this. It must be disheartening to see, so close to the end of your grow. Hopefully the buds you’ve got will still finish off well. I’ll be curious to see the photos when you do get a chance. Good luck, dude!


Thanks @WonkaMan i can’t wait to see what you pull off next I’m doing feminized seed crop next


I have a question for @dbrn32 is a qb 288 board and heatsink but no driver worth 80 dollars?
I saw them at the pawn shop he has 8 of them i can’t tell if it’s a hlg in black print on the board it says lm301b

Please don’t mind the spot mill offset


ok here is the pictures first up is purple glam kush


next is sugar black rose man i want to eat marshmallow fruit salad now


this is blue dreams it never really recovered from my bad ph meter


next is the Acapulco Gold this has some 10 inch buds on it and very gooey and heavy i will have to do alot of tying to hold it up later


this one is very funky and mean smelling Critical Bilbo also super sticky and chunkier thc crystals


Final one is Jack Herer this has a mean smell like you know your going to be red eyed and fumbling around the big long bud is almost 18 1/2 long and the rest are like 8 and 10 inches and has just really been packing on the weight i cant wait to try this one actually i cant wait to try them all…


All of them are frosting up nicely!


But because of the power outage I’m going to have to harvest earlier than i wanted and my goal was 30 to 40% amber trichomes im probably only going to get 10 or 20% at most


Don’t sweat that, 20% is solid.

About those lights, a board and heat sink from hlg runs about $95 new. That’s authentic, unused, and with factory support. For the $15 per, I’d probably get new boards. The knock off boards you can buy cheaper than that from alibaba.


O.k. thanks i could not tell if they were real or not thanks for the information