6 strains of fun


Cool! The umol number is can be shown a lot of ways. The ppf is overall output of light. The ppfd is amount of light over an area. The ppf of an hlg-550 is higher than a single 600 watt hps, probably not quite as high as two 600’s.


sorry for taking to long here is the updated pics i have been promising they are so sticky if i pull dead leaves off my clothes stick to my arms and this tent smells like a fruit stand at a city market where they cut open some fruit for samples yummmmmm.
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Some of those are pretty leggy. Like the lamp in The Christmas Story!


The trichomes are almost all white there going to fill out alot more the sugar black rose and critical bilbo are starting to get a couple gold dots but still about 2 weeks before they get the chop im going to spike the stalk on them Saturday


what’s this about ice tricking the plant does this work ???
can it be used on coco ??


It worked for me i just take 2 big 64oz cups and fill it full of ice and dump it on the soil i will do it some more after i spike the stalk


Does it work? I don’t really know, I don’t do the ice thing, but a lot of people swear by it. It tricks the plant into thinking winter is coming so it makes every effort to put out more trichomes.


Anyone ever thought of to start tricking winter earlier in the flower stage maybe make nutrient ice cubes to water with to induce trichome boost earlier then the flush period? Does this make sense to anyone or this only a boost when the plant us near full term and a last ditch effort ONLY…


You wouldn’t want to do it any earlier than harvest because the stress can hermie the plant.


I waited until i had almost all milky trichomes im only doing this to 3 of my plants the bigger ones still have a way to go


Oh just cold can herm a plant ?then y dosent northern outside plants all of em herm hmmm​:thinking::thinking::thinking:


That can happen if it like snow in September and your plant is not gone milky trichomes yet


It’s different outside, there are many things that won’t hurt plants outside that mean death inside.


This is exactly what i wanted to do next. I’ll be watching


Sorry i can’t help it this is my sugar black rose gave some more ice and then some Dr willards folliar spray she is filling out again


And the purple kush is coming on strong to not really purple more black but i can’t wait


If you ever get the chance to take a picture of that purple kush without their lights on I love to see the colors. It’s beautiful


Ok @raustin these are for you just spiked the stalks and another round of ice baths too starting to see some gold specks here and there