6 strains of fun


What type soil do you start with pro mix?


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48ppm is not much to be stalling a plant think about it parts per million…ps edit my mistake I thought it was ppm its ph yes that’s a big problem


So you were raising to bring up to to old pen standards so you were around 7 if you were lying up to 6.5


It was like 7.3 i just check a jug i made yesterday
With the yellow one


Yikes that’s no good


Yes im kninda madd about it because I was taking precautions to prevent this


That’s aggravating


And i got the stalks super thick too a couple are over 3/4 of a inch and if i get it back on track I’m going to have some big buds im hopeing to clear a quarter pound on each plant again


I had a yellow pH meter like that (different name on it, but probably made in the same factory) and mine, too, gave me high readings, and effed-up my grow. It’s very aggravating. I also upgraded to an Apera, and that worked for me. Good luck with the rest of this, @ThcinKC!


Yesterday it was 63 degrees and today


Yea I’m stuck in that :poop: too! Good thing for a good Eddie and amnesia haze today and football to bad our boys aren’t playing this weekend.


we are practically neighbors


Here’s a update i flushed with sledgehammer and sprinkled a big spoon of bone meal and good ph water here’s some pictures just took today




The one that is clawing down is the blue haze or blue dream took the high ph level the hardest but believe me it’s doing alot better thanks to my new aspera ph meter


They are gonna be almost to big lol u need to start tying laterally lol


Update time every thing is starting to get frosty with stripper glitter every where will post updated pictures of everything including the clones.

@raustin I have a question about using ice basically ph the water and freeze it then break it up and put it on the soil and keep it a inch from the stalk does this sound right


@dbrn32 I am a hps mh light guy but on hlg website and saw a refurbished 550 v1 for 600 dollars is that worth it and my second question is since I run 2 600w hps/mh lights how would i compare would it be the umol number and the ppfd or just the ppfd number thanks for the help i have been collecting red orange green and blue leds from rapid led for a future build.


You don’t have to Ph the water for the ice, just put ice on the soil. This makes the plant think that winter is coming, so she throws out extra trichs.