6 strains of fun


Ur in a full stretch I’d say man they doubled in 1 week nice man


O.k. motivation pictures for my self hope it motivates you guys too. Ilgm ww jarred 8-31
I need to beat this


Nargly :call_me_hand::call_me_hand::call_me_hand:


O.k. quick update everything seems to be going well. The Jack herer is not liking the flower nutrients so I’m going to probably flush and just not give it anymore ff grow big nutrient because it looks like it is very nitrogen rich. I gave them all the nutrients at half strength and all the others are doing well the blue dream looks like it has bark on the stalk at the base now and is almost at 3/4 inch in diameter. These guy’s all have one thing in common THIRSTY like a half gallon a day or they start to droop. When I feed now they are getting 3/4 of a gallon or 96 oz . Branches are getting thicker to and little bud sites are every where i will post more pictures on Friday afternoon. The clones look really good nice dark green i need to empty and wash out the trays they are on roots are just starting to poke through the oasis cubes. More pictures of those to come to.


I cleaned out the clone trays roots are getting bigger and stems are getting thicker


Sorry no pictures today got home late gave every body a tablespoon of bone meal sprinkled on top of the soil and everything got 64oz of water with a tsp of Epson salt posts pictures tomorrow my god these things smell awesome and no buds yet holly stripper glitter i can’t wait…


Here’s the pictures i promised they are looking alot better amazing what Epson salt and bone meal can do and yes i know i need to top again


Damn good job on those clones


Ok i already gave out early Christmas presents i had 28 clones now I’m down to 12 at least i made some people really really happy :laughing::laughing:
Here’s fresh pictures of the big girl’s


The gift that keeps on giving!! Nice :+1:t2:


I also forgot to tell that i tied the bog tops together on the blu dreams and acupaco gold i bent them in a ring shape and tied at both ends like you would a bush. I didn’t want to top because i want to try this to see what happens and i don’t want to loose my top bud either. And looking like they need another hair cut to. All on the to do list for tomorrow.


Quick update having a little ph problem and checked out my meter and found out it’s not holding it’s calibration after checking it with solution. So ordered a New one this 13 dollar one lasted a year so not bad. I may end up having to flush everything which might be good because it’s time for beastie blooms…:muscle::muscle::money_mouth_face:


I got one that never worked from out if the box lol rapidtest


This is the one i bought this morning


Is that an ec ph temp? Ah nvm only ph


i just bought a combo apera meter. so far i love it.



Now this is a dime bag lol​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Ok I hope i can pull this grow out my ass my ph meter screwed me i found out my yellow one was bad and no matter how much i calibrate it it would hold true i found this out because my plants were stalling. Anyway I got a new one today and calibrated both of them and check out how far off the yellow one is

Man it kind of makes me mad because I was calibrating the yellow one every 2 weeks to make sure that i didn’t have this problem but shit happens and live and learn right…


What nutes are you using?


I use fox farm nutrients and bone meal blood meal Epson salt and manure and earthworms casting mixed in the soil