6 strains of fun


I put the clones in the flower tent and I’m hopefully going to make feminized seed with colloidal silver. That sounds good i like northern lights it’s a big bud plant.


Let flower and take a lower branch and reveg to monster crop? The nl mother was just harvested and brought 13 n 1/2 dried zips.


To me how I was shown super flower clones is now called monster cropping was to take the top of a higher top branch or when you top the plant usually right before flower or 7 to 10 days into flower. There’s more ways than i know of on how to do this. A old hippy guy showed this. And yes go back to the 18 hr light cycle i put mine under a humidity dome to


It’s cold out but I’m feeling good because if i change a thermostat out im getting 5 seeds of jet fuel og and 5 seeds of lucky charms. I can’t wait to get off work now


O.k. finally chopped the Acapulco gold and man this stuff is super sticky had to change gloves 4 times anyway here is the pictures i promised


That looks a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!! Great job. Was that plant topped a couple of times? Those colas are wild.


No those two stalks grow so big i looped them together and that’s my first Acapulco gold so i didn’t know what to expect from it.


O.k. got some deals at the grow store that guy should sell car’s i swear i only went there for mycorrhizae


Hey every one be careful if driving in the Midwest long time since I’ve seen thunder snow sleet storm took me 20min to get inside my car today and the morons doing 30mph on the highway
Be safe


O.k. the Blue dream came down now i remember why i don’t grow sativas that much. But dully noted that need alot of trimming during flowering and heavy training but in all 533 grams of buds is not to bad just need to up my game.
Here’s pictures i had to throw some away because they were new growth don’t know what made that happen.

How long to flower

Now thats a trunk


BAM! Dats what I am talking about… I love your stand you built, Nice… That is living, man! :lizard:


What kind of trimmer do you have?


It’s a ipower 16 inch bowl trimmer. It’s the best time saver i ever bought


I got a question about Jack herer mine smells like a fruity aroma with a 7up or sprite smell on the end of it. What is your guys smell like???

Also this is a giggly high and i laugh at the stupidest things ever. Has a little body high to but 500lb lady in spandex at Wal-Mart made my cry laughing when she broke the electric scotter. I know i am wrong for that but i couldn’t help it.


As Larry the Cable Guy would say I don’t care who you are that’s funny


the reason this is so funny, I totally get it! I get those giggle fits out in the middle of the wrong places at the wrong times.

And I Laugh until it hurts, crying…

U sure it is Jack herer? or do you think it is something else?


The box of seeds said Jack herer that is why I was asking what is your Jack herer like because normally I would of just walked away but i couldn’t stop watching the show. What made it really loose my marbles was the Wal-Mart guy was like 350lb and told her that there is a weight limit of 550 for this scooter and she got mad and yelled im not that fat and got off saying it was broke Wal-Mart piece of poop. Then the guy got on it drove off saying yes you are that big and honked the horn beep beep i laughed so hard and Loud and i couldn’t stop it she even pointed her finger and me and said f you it’s not funny I said yes it is and people started laughing with me after that everything was funny even the dumb Saturday night live skits and the dog’s made me laugh to.


Thanks for the Laugh, shoot I like to have spit my coffee all over the place when I read that…



No problem :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: