6 strains of fun


and got Humboldt seeds green crack in this run 1 plant I’m on day 17 flower I keep you up to date @ThcinKC on how it turns out


I watched thatNetflix. What is happening up there?


It’s literally like it’s own world there i was told don’t ever go to that area for anything kinda reminded me of some areas in Mexico


I did the diy press with a 12 ton harbor freight press with 2 4x7 inch aluminum plates 1 inch thick with 4 100watt cartridge heaters and a pid controller and a thermocouple k style
I want to try to get some live rosin off the sugar leaves any body have any suggestions as for temperature and time on the press. I have a jig to make 1inch round pucks. Should I freeze it first or just smash and go??


@Hogmaster has a couple presses, @Willd presses, and I think @Countryboyjvd1971 does as well


I’d be curious about the Mazar Extra… but that’s just me. You’ve got more potential variety that many dispensaries! Have fun, dude!


You need to bag kief and hash other wise it’s a mess with no return on the live rosin I use dry ice to extract it from the plant the. To press I use 90 µm bags I make


O.k. thanks @Hogmaster i will try tonight and post how it went


O.k. @WonkaMan I’ll drop a mazar extra seed for you

@g-reg what do you think about the critical orange punch


Do you have a grow journal


Sounds good, Man. If you start a different journal, tag me in it, for sure!


Try temps in the 135-140 plate range with kief and as @Hogmaster mentioned you need micron bags to press kief
You can dry shake the trim if you have a pollen seperator
Just freeze if for a few hours first
They make inexpensive ones you can get from amazon
Flower try 170 degree range

The amount of tricombes on the product you start with will determine the return
You get a better return from kief then you will flower as well

Let us know how you make out brother and have fun
Play with your temps raise and or lower by 5 degrees to find your sweet spot
Happy pressing


Maybe with a swat team and heavily armoured vehicles


Wahooo doggie… those girls are looking good!



@ThcinKC I don’t know about the critical orange punch I not done them yet I’m planning on starting them in about 4 or so weeks, I got them cheap on offer and no sorry I javnt a grow journal I should do 1 really just i don’t ever feel like I have the time (no excuse I know) it’s more I come on here to have nosey what other people grows are doing and pick up some tips and advice along the way and share the bit of knowledge I have


O.k. I had to take part of my Jack herer down but the 2 giant buds i left on they seem to be putting on more size and growing new buds i don’t know why. But this is some of the gooeiest stickiest stuff i had to trim in a long time even my trimmer was just barely rough cutting it because the leaves would rool into the buds and stay there like they were glued. On the bonus side alot of scissor hash my God this stuff give you a out of body experience i was watching tv on the couch but i was really floating 3feet and looking down at the t.v… lol
Here’s a picture of the buds i took they all look very similar to this one i couldn’t touch anything after handling the plant i tried but made my phone sticky sorry about that.


I see this once in a while but do any of you guys get new growth like new branches just pooping out of buds i went to 12hr light schedule Nov 1 but when I checked out my plants they had new 2 in little branches coming out of the top of a couple buds im thinking of going to a 10 hour light cycle to make them finish up my clones have almost filled out my little tent all ready i guess I could top again


Here’s pictures of these new sprouts out of the buds


I have been side tracked a little bit playing with my press it doesn’t like the cold weather it worked in the kitchen but once in the garage at 10 degrees not so much anyway I will fill up the propane tank and get some heat going in there here a couple pictures of my rig


What are the red wires doing going into those blocks